August 10, 2022

4 thoughts on “W.E.B Dubois Memorial Center for Pan-African Culture – Ghana May 2021 Repatriation & Investment Tour

  1. W.E.B DuBois was the first Black sociologist in America. He was a passionate man who loved his Black people. He thought there was progress being made when he wrote his books.

    Eventually, he couldn’t stand being around the devils. He transcended peacefully in the Motherland, away from them. No better place to be.

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  3. The RED, BLACK AND GREEN adornment of the Center infuses so much PanAfrican spirits past into the atmosphere, it sends chills of struggle and valour down my spine. It also reminds the viewer that, Ghana actually belongs to Garvey. It is the manifestation of his works, thoughts and ideas.  
    Other Afrikan nations who ask "why Ghana?", must realize that no other Afrikan President ever reached out in brotherhood within the vile political environment of Neo-colonialism and abject racism, to summon the spirit of Afrikan unity from all Sons and Daughters of Afrika worldwide, except Nkrumah. This is why Afrikans in the diaspora mostly choose Ghana. Nkrumah was the Afrikan friend of Afrikan Greats across the Caribbean as well as in the USA. Have we ever experienced the Pan Afrikan thought-force Nkrumah exuded in any Afrikan leader to date? I think not? Ghana's present leadership is anti-Nkrumah but they cannot destroy an idea that remains bigger than the man they hate to please the oppressor. #NkrumahNeverDies… They can build a few roads and cover-up a few sewers, yet even with the wealth of the oil Nkrumah had within his grasp to prospect at the time, and yet held-in-trust for the future generation, they will never leave a mark as deeply embossed as that of #TheOne&OnlyOSAGYEFO…
    How do I know this? Because everything that remains dignified, good, great, promising, Black-empowering, unapologetically Afrikan and nationally-uplifting in Ghana and Afrika at large, has the name Kwame Nkrumah attached to it.
    Osagyefo gave Dubois a house in the best part of Accra…

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