September 21, 2023
Wait, Why Is GOP Demanding To Investigate Black Lives Matter In Jan. 6 Probe? | All In | MSNBC

35 thoughts on “Wait, Why Is GOP Demanding To Investigate Black Lives Matter In Jan. 6 Probe? | All In | MSNBC

  1. Republicans are trying so hard to change the narrative…use your eyes people..blm had zero accountability in the January 6th storming of the capital. Republicans claim those were not trump supporters, they were actors pretending to be..smh

  2. Because everyone knows that “unnamed sources “ like the corrupt Democrats and THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA like to call them, is telling all about how the corrupt Democrats PAID THEM TO SHOW UP DRESSED IN MAGA CLOTHING AND SHOUTING MAGA SLOGANS SO THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP WOULD BE BLAMED FOR THEIR ACTS. AND MOST OF THE PUBLIC FELL FOR IT, THANKS TO THE HELP OF THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA. AND, as you can see, THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA IS STILL TRYING TO CONVINCE THE PEOPLE. The truth will come out.

  3. Because the proud boys are being investigated, and the gop must keep face, that they lied about the big lie. They only care about winning. The gop will most definitely loose corporation money to campaign,. Gop are cowards. I know bullying has been considered a hate crime. Every republican stand's accused of everything', just by being a republican. just think about this, all republicans should be ashamed of their party don't think it's just trump's fault, every single republican that they must win and get money if they win. Bribery, extorting, blackmail etc for all republicans should be charged along with the conspirators, for choosing these corrupt elected officials who claim they are sent to Washington to fight to win the 2024 elections by all and any means necessary. Their states are responsible for who and what this winners they choose for office. For their governor and citizens who condone the BIG LIE that killed and hurt so many officers should be named in these federal charges and claims. With federal claims everyone involved must be named, so of it was your elected official then and now, should pay. They acis totally elementary bullying tactics, they only want to win by lying over and over because this is the real you, it is exactly what you wanted when it happens to minority's you are so ecstatic your butt hole twitches. You are basic cowards to stand up for justice for all, which the constitution is there for a guide . Most republicans are falling like a domino effect they have C I in their party the feds have them Pegged. Once we a police force, government official is under FBI scrutiny, they will always be. They know it, they are just acting like A holes they are so dirty and caught up it is win is my turn coming that the hole world knows the real me. They will lie to the bitter end, . I'm wondering who are their wives mother's father's neighbors children who know and can't warn the world, or expose them like giuliani daughter or trump's niece. Instead of getting better the republican party is worse it's tore up from the floor up. Humpty dumpty sat on a wall all the king's men and horses could not put humpty together ever ever again the entire gop of today must go!!!!

  4. Every single person who has been arrest after the insurrection has been a right winger and a Trump supporter. Their history of social media and attending Trump rallies etc prove this. There is zero evidence that BLM had anything to do with the insurrection. Republicans really are just trying to find anyone else to blame for what happened, besides Trump and his bs.

  5. The capital thing in January…. 1 thing…. And those facts clearly skewed by the media…. The riots and looting all last year by BLM and antifa…. Pssshhh…. That didn't happen…. Those were peaceful protests where buildings burned, stores were looted, people assaulted and killed….. Lmao

  6. Because it was an inside job. They don’t want you to know who conspired ( although we already know)and what the insiders did. You can’t have it evenly split on both sides of the isle because they are the perpetrators.

  7. Wait. Why is Democrats REFUSING to investigate 4 years of Antifa fascist terror mobs and BLM radicals destroying our cities? They don't want us to know who is funding this. And MSDNC is protecting these mobs with more fake news and videos celebrating these fascists!

  8. Let's take Notes
    Nazi Party: Blamed Communists for burning of Reichstag to gain popularity
    GOP: blames BLM and Antifa for the capitol

    Nazi Party: Attempting to silence all rivals
    And take their freedom of speech and Religion (And succeeded)

    GOP: Attempting to silence all rivals
    And take their freedom of speech and Religion
    Nazi Party: Sends Jews to Death camps
    GOP: Sends Latino Immigrants to Deportation camps

    Nazi Party: Blames Jews for their domestic unrest and problems
    GOP: Blames BLM and Antifa for Domestic problems and unrest

  9. MSNBC lying again: BLM is literally threatening the Mayor of NYC with "blood" unless their demands are met. I oppose all political violence, not just violence from political views I disagree with. I guess there are no adults at MSNBC, only Marxist…

  10. I said it from day 1 that BLM was a scam and now it's coming out to be true. They made 60 million bucks and not one penny has gone to Briona Taylor's family or any other black victims. It's all been horded by the Black Liberation Marxists for their personal gain, like buying a 6 million dollar house.

  11. Who are they going to investigate all black people who say Black Lives Matter? What is wrong with ignorant people BLM is not a militia group it's a saying! Lord,……🙄. the amount of stupidness in some people. How long will people continue to believe lies the devil has the world so blinded!!!!! STOP BLAMING AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT YOU HATEFUL DEMONS DO!!!!

  12. The BLM should be investigated, whatever you think about it, the BLM protests destroyed lots of stores of cities. This was criminal behavior.

    Also MSNBC and FOX are extremely biased

  13. Yes seeing the video with antifa has been deleted! I should have downloaded it! It doesn't matter because the FBI had a undercover agent and they have proof that Antifa started it! Lol! You guys lying about fantasy land of Republicans is a delusional thought of the radical left because you just won't take responsibility for being uneducated! It's happening! The proof is coming! Lol

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