June 8, 2023

Award-winning scotch whisky label, Johnnie Walker is committed to the spirit of progress and moving forward which is embodied in the tagline: Keep Walking.

This motto has graced billboards and bottles worldwide but there are few standout individuals that live by it. Johnnie Walker in collaboration with Trace Africa actively sought out to find these individuals taking bold steps for a big purpose in Africa which led to the Keep Walking: Africa Top 30 list. These Top 30 individuals are the next-gen go-getters, the creatives that challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of what could be. These Top 30 are taking Africa to the world, one step at a time, through music, fashion, art, film and media. Let’s meet the Top 30 walking on the bold of Africa.

Kenyan fashion designer, Junior Orina, took his first steps to combat hazardous waste created by the fast fashion industry by starting an apparel business that stands for sustainability. The streetwear…

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