January 16, 2022

20 thoughts on “WARNING You better KNOW this before moving to Africa

  1. Thank you so much for this because I’ve been watching so many channels that I’m sure other people are familiar with and I never see them talking to locals. They talk about talking with locals and they talk about building houses and land but no interaction. This is definitely challenging me to lead that American mentality behind into realize even though I’m an introvert community is everything.

  2. I'm not sure cooking habits are the problem with Soul Food. I think the problem is how Americans approach diet and cooking. A lot of sugar, carbs, and refined oils are not good for you. Our animals aren't raised in a healthy way, and that makes it unhealthy to eat. Then we eat a lot of GMO corn and other plant products.
    I agree with the other stuff. Most Americans or people from former European colonies don't believe in incorporating into the culture. We don't care about what is going on with the locals or local culture. But it's funny we expect the opposite when they come to our counties.

  3. This presentation is very well done by a knowledgeable truth talker. It is deserving of the high view count. I'm white and I am going to Africa. I found this video to be indispensable to my pre-trip education. Thank you.

  4. People in America are dying from 5he poor diet. Black people are 3 time more apt to develop diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems. Poor diet and over eating.

  5. 32:39 Do you want to serve up what we were forced to eat due to our dehumanization??? Right on point with your analysis. At the very least, if you live in these Diasporan communities you should at least build a social community with good people around you, especially with Continentals.

  6. Africans are very kind and generous, but you’re dead right. You can’t go there and not try to learn the language and be humble and interested in learning about the people and the culture-you’d be missing the joy of the adventure if you did, and it is disrespectful. Making a connection is the best gift of going there. I got robbed a few times, but they are struggling a lot. You can’t just have everything when others have nothing, be asking for respect and help, but not giving any. I’m glad you said it!

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