September 18, 2023
Was Charles Manson a CIA Asset? w/Tom O'Neill | Joe Rogan

28 thoughts on “Was Charles Manson a CIA Asset? w/Tom O'Neill | Joe Rogan

  1. Something I've never seen anyone suggest (and it seems to me like an obvious thing)… Perhaps the people who went easy on him and permitted parole violations or whatever did so because he was supplying them with sex. "Tell me the sex that you want and I'll see that you get it." That'd get him a light hand AND he'd know they wouldn't spill the beans.

  2. If Helter Skelter was a lie, why does all the females and Tex say that Charles preached about the race war? They all say the same thing knowing they weren't gona get off as they were the ones who killed the victims.

  3. I find the people who called you paranoid when every single of so called “paranoid events” happened to be clearly true very dull and I instantly have no respect for them! It’s either a curse or blessing when you can see through certain things very clearly! You often wish you couldn’t see that much far. You can simply win 4 poker tournaments #1 in a row out of average 100 ppl every week! I knew a guy you know.

  4. I always assumed Manson got away with so much shit because the "justice" system was so broken. Manson was a great manipulator, it's not a stretch to assume he could manipulate a parole officer.
    Ppl who work within the system are very naive about how smart ppl outside the system can be.

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