July 3, 2022

28 thoughts on “Watch Africa's Most Notable News that Happened in 2020 – Part 1

  1. Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa while poverty is so rampant. I’m sick and tired of hearing that because I don’t see it. Hmm! Maybe it’s because Dangote controls all the economy.

  2. If they cut the African girl out of there picture, it confirm again that you are your people mean nothing to them. Anyone from any country break African countries law should go to prison. We need to learn from Russia 🇷🇺 ect.

  3. I want to point out to everyone, one statement made by an African leader who said, "Europeans are acting like Africa is open for the taking." I have said in the pass and I will say it once more, actually I will say it until I leave this world or it actually happens, "Africa should be 'The Nations of Africa,'" which includes all of Africans and African countries because the Europeans are not done with Africa. Do YOU HEAR ME? You have the most, largest amount of UNDEVELOPED LAND with the RICHEST NATURAL RESOUCES in the WORLD. They are COMING FOR IT. They don't value your intellect because we as a People are in capable as Africans of all coming together as ONE and fighting our COMMON ENENY — Europeans. We are too busy finding reason why we should not get along instead of find reasons why WE SHOULD. When a snake sheds it's skin it is NOT a new snake it's the same old snake. Stupid is as stupid does. To be forewarned is to be for TOLD!.

  4. I wish we were united. The beauty and wealth of Africa may finally be shown if we were united, and rid ourselves of these neo-colonial influences

  5. Please follow Africans the end time messiah is arrived in the continent he said God gave me power to do everything but they should obey me before i do what they need he continues said the Africa continent has locked 🔒 and he will open it when it's a time and every country will discover technology he said is a time for Africa right now not future but stop Christianity that is his word

  6. What companies did the French doctors work for? They must be aware of Pfizer's reputation of using Africans as guinea pigs and getting away with Nazi -like abuse and experiments.

  7. How unwise of Nigeria to not lead in the Pan-African caliphate. I have lost all respect for Western Leadership except in auntie Queen Elizabeth. Even Putin & Xi revere her as an honorable world leader.

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