November 28, 2022

47 thoughts on “Watch Rwanda Shame Europe for the Racist Treatment of Africans During Ukraine UN Vote

  1. Such is finger pointing.. I wish you success, but those pointing fingers must first address the murderous tribal disputes. FYI, Russia and China are NOT your friends.

  2. U know why European don't like Putin and his Rusdian people Russian patty African people and Putin don't agree with how the West treat African. They want African and Russian to be their slave. I live with Russian and I born by Russian. I am from Africa. Russian War is African war!!!!!

  3. western have been killing our Africans leaders who want to Liberal us . all they do is to use the greedy one among us to killed the person, example, Thomas sakara , gaddafi, oqamigurumi. please I beg this generation to say no to that. Will are Africans according to gaddafi

  4. Os racistas são obsoletos. Existem mísseis que são indetectáveis ​​no radar. Racistas como Donald Trump podem ser atingidos por mísseis hipersônicos sem serem detectados.

  5. Ndị na-akpa ókè agbụrụ adịla ndụ. Enwere ngwa ọgụ ndị a na-apụghị ịchọpụta na radar. Ndị na-akpa ókè agbụrụ dị ka Donald Trump nwere ike ị nweta ngwa ọgụ hypersonic achọpụtabeghị ugbua.

  6. Vasaruraganda havachashandi. Pane zvombo zvinokandwa zvisingaonekwe pa radar. Racists vakaita saDonald Trump vanogona kurohwa nemakomba e hypersonic asina kumboonekwa.

  7. Wabaguzi wamepitwa na wakati. Kuna makombora ambayo hayaonekani kwenye rada. Wabaguzi kama Donald Trump wanaweza kupigwa na makombora ya hypersonic bila kutambuliwa tayari.

  8. Rassiste is uitgedien. Daar is missiele wat onopspoorbaar is op radar. Rassiste soos Donald Trump kan getref word met hipersoniese missiele wat reeds onopgemerk is.

  9. إن العنصريين عفا عليهم الزمن. هناك صواريخ لا يمكن كشفها بالرادار. يمكن أن يُصاب العنصريون مثل دونالد ترامب بصواريخ تفوق سرعتها سرعة الصوت لم يتم اكتشافها بالفعل.

  10. Africa should band together and ally with Asia to stop and reject western imperialism that have been looting and destroying these 2 continents for centuries

  11. Africa should stand with Russia against Satans western allies.
    Uraaa 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

  12. Fix your country instead of stupid claims. Nigeria is fast becoming like another shithole of Africa Somalia, the only difference is that you guys have a bigger economy that the extremely poor Somalia.

  13. Rwanda shaming other nations ? That is ironic… are they forgetting about the genocide committed against each other in their country, a few years ago ? They should be silent … they are not credible, at all !

  14. Who said anything about shaming.
    Grow up.
    Give me back my son and deport us immediately.
    Your job is to let your media be your checks and balances not hide kidnapping and drugging kids!

  15. A well balanced and accurate statement. Russia`s security concerns were ignored by NATO. The Ukrainian regime, presided over shameful treatment of African`s as did NATO members which border Ukraine. Here in Ireland we reluctantly agreed to the partition of our country but now we must ask why there are no sanctions against the UK for it`s occupation of northern Ireland?

  16. Africans should leave through Russia instead of fascist Europeans. What do you expect from Europeans? They don't even let you sleep in peace from your own continent and countries.

  17. Go Africa its about time now, this war is it's a wake up call to the rest of us, thy dont cere about us and thy never did, unite the Great Africa we stand with you.# No more#enough is enough 💯✊✊💚💛❤❣❣

  18. The government of Rwanda has its hands covered in the blood of its political opponents. Its death squads roam the world murdering those who speak against it. President Paul Kagame orchestrated a second genocide of Hutus after the RPF invaded from Uganda in 1994 to free up land for his troops. Almost everyone close to Kagame disappears after a while. Rwanda has no moral standing to lecture anyone.

  19. Be very scary to live in Europe with all these hidden right wing groups with alot of support from higher ups all over. Would not go there for school because of that.

  20. What has Rwanda done to rescue Africans in Ukraine? #RWANDA only does rescues when it gets paid for that. ONLY when there money involved. Case point when Rwanda pretend to rescue Africans in Israel because Israel paid Rwanda to get rid of those Africans in Israel.

    African leaders don't care about Africans. This is just another PR stunt.

  21. Until Africans learn to love and respect each other, themselves and have pride in their own continent, they will continue to encounter this kind of treatment everywhere they go. Africans dont fight for – or protect each other, so they are easy targets, Jamaicans wouldnt stand for this kind of treatment. And definately not African Americans, or else they would do more damage to the Ukrainian cities with their "Black life matters" riot than Russia and all its tanks, LOL.

  22. Really? The irony is strong is this dude.
    Why don't the African governments just care more for their own people so they don't have to run from their wacky governments to us and undermine our societies?
    And for the 'refugees': Stay in Africa if you don't like how we treat you. It's our ground, our culture. Accept how we are, or stay there! It's really that simple.
    What? O yeah … poverty, bad leaders and such. Cool, so we're basically giving you a second chance. Be greatfull then, and accept who/what/how we are … in OUR OWN countries (not yours to begin with!) Again, it's really that simple.

  23. 1982
    hi ..Mediterranean
    I love black chocolate women
    I like Africa to colonise us

    black mama …..

  24. Africans has always been the one that has been beging other nations for unity equality respect love and peace and never get it .that's why we should never live among those people and never pray for them in a crisis .God will never hear no prayers for and from wicked people..

  25. Africa must stand united…. Russia, China, and India are CRUSHING Liberal Globalism !!!

    It is time to put the western powers in their place.

    America must pay for what they have done in Vietnam…. "Agent Orange"

  26. Are they still waiting at the border today? This is a non-issue. Africans make such a small part of the evacuation that it’s not high priority.

    Africa knows what discrimination is yet Africa discriminates against lgbtq so let this be a lesson. In the end, discrimination is discrimination and it is wrong.

  27. Dictator paul kagame is not call by the western corporates"" the darling of the west ""for nothing, Africans Wake up and See the bigger picture.

  28. I pray that all 54 countries in Africa work together as a whole so I beautiful brothers and sisters around the world can return to the Motherland safely. I hope that one day me and my three daughters and grandson can see the Motherland. Stay blessed.

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