September 16, 2021


  1. Million thanks guys for having me and for all the great information you shared with me about moving to Ghana 🇬🇭, you are amazing 😎👍🏾👌🏾!
    Hope to see more fellow Africans from the diaspora invest and succeed in Africa, which is clearly THE BEST PLACE TO BE!

  2. This videoooo is a must watch for everyone wanting to invest in Ghana or for those who have invested before and didn’t work out so well. I love it. Thank you for recommending your guest, we will be subscribing and following him as well.

  3. This guy is not serious, I have lived in Dubai for 3 years and Dubai is a spending money city. Ghana is cheap and I can pay tax 10 times in a day but in Ghana people move around without paying tax for years. 30 minutes drive in taxi is 100 AED which is 150ghc so Ghana is not close to Ghana at all.

  4. Hi guys!! Very nice. He made a very important point, TRUUUUST!!! I had to learn the hard way. The corruption within legislative bodies in some parts of Africa, like Ethiopia, is super corrupt. I almost had an ace in the hole involving commodity trade of Rose's out of Addis. Sad to say, money talks. One can have brilliant ideas, but without big bucks nothing can get done. I'm 6'4 and need to conduct business with someone who I can trust. One who is sincerely, has very moral standards and help me unconditionally every step of the way. I plan to start at this year's 2020 Dubai Expo. That'll be my starting point. And it's going to happen. It will🙂🙂. Very very nice. Please keep coming out with more vlogs!!

  5. Thanks Kevin for a job well done with a good interview. What your guest said is very true of family, they are either helpful or disadvantageous. I am sure you were taking notes from that bright young man. I am from Africa as well but I often think of living in either Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania or South Africa. I know they say home is the best but sometimes that's not true.

  6. It's so true what he says. So sad he ended up in debt. Not everyone who seems to need help deserves to be helped. It's better you advice them and let them figure it out but keep your money out of the equation. When people get something for nothing it's meaningless to them.

  7. This was an awesome interview. This young man definitely has a lot of useful information. Too bad I don't speak French. I would love to hear more of what he has to say. Great job, Kevin.

  8. Yes, TRUST is a big one in Africa. People in the diaspora are misconstrued to be ATM machines that gives money. Successful investors within the continent do well mostly because they are present and mindful to put strategies in place to manage waste. There is also an associated problem of dishonesty all over. There seem to be a normalized sense of duping which makes investing very difficult. The operation of consciousness towards honesty is largely faulty. Fixing just that problem will lead to growth and the creation of more jobs.

  9. This video is 100% accurate. Nothing more I can say. 100% truth!! Ghanaians are more calm and reserved. You will not see when you will face mistrust. A few will want to win your trust and will go great lengths to do so. But don't let down your guard, ever!!! As for close friends and family well, you are the ATM. Lol 😆🤣😂

  10. Great interview Mr Acheampeong !!!. A lot of very concrete informations. It will help me a lot, and a lot of brothers and sisters too, I'm sure. God bless Africa!!!.

  11. It’s better to build your house before coming. My plan is to build my house and build a nursery within it as I have a 1 year old baby. This will save me rent and fees the biggest expense. I might even build a small bar to chill and make money 💰.

  12. ☻🇬🇭 – Bro, whether you like it or NOT or try to Sound Different, you are Ghanaian so STOP pretending and just MOVE BACK to your Country GHANA. OK? SHAME ON YOU.❎

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