September 21, 2021

32 thoughts on “We are Moving from Canada to Kenya, AFRICA 🦁 / Traveling During the Pandemic

  1. Hello guys, if you have been struggling with this for ages don't loose hope neither panic nanyagency08 on in$tagram got it right especially for those applying for canada caregiver and nanny job Dm him directly on in$tagram just the way I did, am now working as a caregiver through him, he has alot of connection right here!

  2. Great video and channel! Discovered you on YouTube Creators Hub🎧 podcast.

    We are a married couple also living overseas, though not as adventurous as you two! Thank you for sharing your journey and look forward to seeing more πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

  3. Just stumbled upon your page afew hours ago looking for things to do here in kenya and you guys are an awesome couple!! I love it here and you guys have given me many ideas already!

  4. Do a video for potential expats! Searching and securing housing, buying/registering/insuring a vehicle, and all those nuts and bolts types of things!

  5. Hi guys, serious question here. What type of visa did you need to obtain to relocate to Kenya for 4 years? I'm really curious and considering leaving Canada and relocating to Kenya myself.

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