December 1, 2021

44 thoughts on “We Bought Our First Bed For Our New Home!

  1. Strong up king and Queen, It is a good look, Step by step to victory, am here trying to do all the necessary for that day, It is very sticky and costly, the fare alone is almost thousand dollar, plus two twenty for the coved test, something that is free otherwise from traveling, But i'm fighting the fight, In the meantime stay strong u both

  2. Salaam aleekum, Na nga def?

    Awwwh I'm extremely happy and excited for you both, Blessings to Lamin who helped you out, how lovely for them to come and deliver and fix up d bed fi unu, they looked so joyful to be helping you both Gambians are so generous and accommodating, bless them all, this is true Community Spirit.
    Me gonna pray fi unu tonight and bless d bed, may it be the bed that the 1st baby AP is conceived 🙏🏽😉🖤❤💚

    Love, Peace & Blessings Asè 💯🇬🇲✊🏽

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