July 6, 2022

26 thoughts on “We emigrated during the pandemic (South Africa to New Zealand)

  1. Really enjoyed your video. watching from your other posts New Zealand looks incredible and perfect for South Africans. I would love to immigrate there with my girlfriend for our potential future. Do you know how we could start this process?

  2. Hi guys, can I ask you that what kind of Immigration did you guys apply and does it hard for you to do it (Budget and procedures) ? Thanks all.

  3. I really like this it kinda shows me what to expect im also a south african and we are also movong to nz so this just shiws me a bit on how it is

  4. hi Owen, my husband called me to checkout your video, guess what? I'm on your video. i left south Africa same day and was in same flight and same hotel. i saw myself in the video. I'm wearing a blue jeans ,pink jacket and caring a brown hand bag. i saw you and your wife in my video at OR Tambo

  5. wow…after seeing the chaos in cities like Durban….You probably dodge a bullet. NZ is a boring place for my liking but it is poltically very stable which is all you can ask for tbh.

  6. I have no problem with yous coming here. You work hard and are law abiding. We actually need more of your sporting talent/gene pool for the All Blaxks and super rugby teams, netball teams and yes even our cricket team. Haere Mai, .Come on over. From a NZ born Samoan

  7. Hey could you make a video outlining differences between as and nz. Cost of living, quality of life, home sick?, what you like and dislike… thank you

  8. Im a Cape Townian who also emigrated during Covid lockdown, travelling through 3 banned countries, to the Faroe Islands. Major issues at every single step of the way. With two cats. Hands down most stressful time of my life.

  9. So many South Africans here, especially on the North Shore of Auckland. They're a hard working people though and will add positively to NZ, plus they know how to play cricket. Good luck to you guys and I hope it goes well for you.

  10. Welcome to NZ .We love to have South African immigrants here. You guys are hard working and make a great contribution to NZ. All the best for your future . Don't forget to visit the South Island. It is the best island.

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