We Fought With Immigration Officers In Gambia!

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We are changing the narratives Of Mother Africa through Youtube videos One Country At Time.We are Currently In Zambia It’s Time For Africans To Unite & Tell Their Own Story!-AFRICA TO THE WORLD

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Comment (26)

  1. You have seen it all.

    Free Tip: By the way if they tell you to delete footage, just go ahead and delete it to appease them. Thereafter, do not proceed to record anything on that device memory so that later on you can be able to recover that footage. There is a way you can quickly recover the deleted footage if you do not re-write onto that memory again after the delete.

    More power to you !

  2. africa is not for black people is for white people i gave up on africa longtime ago because of the corruption to black people bro wode maya im sorry for seeing this we welcome you in america with better life

  3. If you were white they would have licked you behind! But these immigration officers are mistreating their brothers and sisters. Wode Maya I lived in the U.S for long time and this is reason why I hate Africans and I am from the continent. East African is even worst. $1600 without receipt ???

  4. Mode maya we really like you..u are doing a great job❤❤ appreciate ..my brother's and my Sister's African let's stop hating ourselves pls 😥😥😥😥 we are one. hating can't help our continent pls we are going back forward this's 2020 I'm fucking tired of all this rubbish fight fight fight pls let's stop I love my continent Africans I also love all the country's in Africans ❤❤ one love that's only way love u guys 😘😘😘

  5. Maya I like how u balancing the equation and I’m glad u eloquently said when u passed the border, u will meet the right pple mannnnn I really love the way u address your content: mature, correct, concise. Courteous and consistent. Remember u inspired me to do Youtube already I do comedy. Wo hen xi huan ni da ge

  6. I travel all over Africa without any issues.. Most airports in the world has camera restrictions.. I think the problem is the approach from Wode Maya.. Every Immigration officer deserves some authority and respect onece you understand that then you will have easy entry into every country you are planning to visit. I might be wrong but it is a tip that works for me.

  7. Africa is our home, we should be able to travel visa free, do business without any payments as long as you have an african passport, WHEN WILL WE UNITE 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️…

  8. You are doing Gods work my brother. When it all said and done we throughout the diaspora will thank you for our unification. God bless you and your team on this important journey!


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