September 18, 2021

30 thoughts on “We Moved to Kenya! Why We Moved Back to Africa | The Kola Family

  1. Beautiful couple❤️ I'm planning my BIG move to Kenya in 2022. I have my BA is Medical Lab Science. Does anybody know if I could cross my degree over? I DO NOT wanna do anymore schooling… Ready to have FUN and find ❤️ ( hopefully )

  2. I feel the same about 🇺🇸 has gotten very toxic almost on every level born & raised here..there was a poll/ ? on a radio station here, the question was describe America n one opinion/word was TOXIC.

  3. You have a smart husband listen to your husband stay out of Babylon and convince your entire family if they need to get out of Babylon while the getting is good.

  4. Hello, The Kola Family! enjoying the content. I must compliment you, Girl you look way more beautiful with natural hair, that is no weave and all. You seem to glow much better and your beautiful face just shines without all the extra hair. Girl rock what your mama and God gave you lol.You both talk so fast I just smile as I am listening. good vibe peace and blessings.

  5. So cool seeing other people making similar career and life moves to Africa 🙂 I recently moved back to Eswatini for work and family as well and I'm so grateful I did!

  6. Good luck you guys. I can't wait to see (even from a far) Africa rise up out of poverty and blacks rise up strong and happy. Me being white, I suffer and burn easy in the heat. I belong with the penguins. But I still care about my distant cousins from Eden.

  7. I’m African too but live in USA and know exactly what you’re talking about when it comes to electricity, WiFi etc….
    I would love to visit Nairobi one day.

  8. This is the video that introduced me to your family. I watched it couple of months ago and I started following you! We are moving to Africa next month and i came back to this video to pump me up! SO SO EXCITED!!!

  9. My god… Angel you know of 1 dollar to kenyan shilling…. America is a country of opportunity…. Kenya is a country of challenges… Though I don't have any experience of these counties…. I am sure… After living a few years you both would be back to America at any age,….. Write it down my words wiil be true….

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