January 16, 2022

23 thoughts on “We Should NOT Repatriate Artefacts | Dr James Cuno | 4 of 6

  1. Imagine that Nigeria colonised Britain in the 18th or 19th century. Imagine that Nigerian scholars took the Magna Carta, the Domesday Book, the Crown Jewels, the remains of British monarchs and many other pieces of art from Britain back to Nigeria where they put them in display cases within museums. Oh and imagine also that they brutalised and exploited British people and land and gave nothing in return. Imagine that Nigeria refused to return all of the artwork. Would you still agree that it was for the good of world heritage and peace? We have no right to keep stolen African and Asian artefacts.

  2. The irony of thieves. USA repatriated Italy's artefact. Non western artefacts belong to the world? 🤣🤣
    Said with a straight face!
    Blame your ancestors who never left artefacts instead of looting from those who did!

  3. It is funny that he is saying that, because i had a dream that these giant black people are asking for the return of these things and something else which i can't remember, and they were saying almost the same thing, they did not want to, then they tried to fight these tall black giants, they were using missiles which were turned around against them. It was like i was looking at a movie.

  4. If his argument is that these artifacts can't be returned to the countries that have asked for their repatriation is because said artifacts didn't originally originate from said countries is in a way contradictory because the country the artifact are in now was not it's origination nor created there in the first place, and the only history that said artifact has with the country that it's in right now is part of which and how it got there in the first place. But it doesn't tell the history or the culture of the people or country it's currently in at the moment. The artifacts themself have a sentimental value and tells a history of the people and where it came from. Imagine if these countries asking for these artifacts back instead asked for the artifacts that have European history. even though it doesn't have any history what so ever to those countries or their people asking for it, wouldn't make sense. I believe that that was a very poor and controdictive argument for why those artifacts shouldn't be repatriated to their origins.

  5. 6:28, so when I create a piece of art, guided by ancestors, but influenced by Dali, or another tribe, does that mean upon my death it would not end up with my actual tribe, the Cherokee Nation? It could end up in Dali's museum? Flattering, but that had best not be the result. To state items do not have a soul, what art lacks soul? In regards to Native items of the Americas, including masks and the ones made of prisoners (some alive and even dead when made) there is most certainly a spirit/soul to it. When you see the horror of Jewish prison camps, you feel the souls and sadness and pain inflicted regardless of your race. There is the gold greed and there is bone greed. They are the same, one is just by scholars who make a lot of money off of the death and suffering of others. They could just as easily acquire by proper means, including asking, for their items vs. withholding information and delaying the return of items. When is this nonsense going to stop? It seems the NAGPRA is not enough. Grants given to museums to only keep the items that don't belong to them for more exhibits and publications? I'm disgusted. After learning of all of this, I do not wish to go to another museum again. Regardless of the contents, exhibit because I have no way of knowing if the items were properly acquired or stolen and withheld from the rightful owner (when it became clear). There is right and there is wrong and I don't see much of anything except MANY wrongs in this subject. -Justine Baker, Cherokee Nation -Tahlequah – descendant of Trail of Tears survivors (and Europeans, which continue to shame that amazing heritage it should be in honor and doing the right thing)

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