September 17, 2021

31 thoughts on “We Sold Everything and Moved to South Africa | 12 months Later!

  1. Bro welcome back. SA is not a perfect but it is home to ALL of us. And as a former foreigner myself, there's nothing like home. There'll always be small pockets of naysayers in every corner of the world, don't mind them. Live your life.

  2. Honestly, if it weren't for corruption and crime SA would be perfect. It has its issues, like EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, but honestly it can be pretty great. I just hate feeling so unsafe all day everyday.

  3. If only we could change the mindset that to be a South African you must be black we would be a long way along the path to unity. There is no question in the uk that Black people are British, so why not the other way around? Let's get rid of racial stereotyping and move forward. There really isn't a better place in the world to live. Trust me I've traveled at lot!!

  4. You're talking in this video as if you're a foreigner. You're a South African mate! Stop acting as if South Africa is something new. You just moved back to South Africa

  5. 0 self preservation mindset in this comment section.

    Living in SA is incredibly dangerous

    You never know what's going to happen

    Risk of death, crime or robbery is like 3 times that of most other 1st world countries

    No matter how perfect your life is, you never know when some psycho is going to murder you

    If you are still alive it just means you are one of the lucky ones

  6. Love my country SA. Will never leave. With Land Expropriation Without Compensation and New Gun Bill to remove our legal firearms , failing economy, failing electricity and other basic services, crime and corruption anyone wanting to come back home or immigrate here is taking a HUGE RISK of loosing everything. We are heading towards another Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

  7. My wife and I are moving to Vienna Austria. We are young and wanna build ourselves. But we wanna come back later. We just feel like we cannot really enjoy our own country if we are not in the upper-middle class. We have to move for now. Hopefully our retirement being paid in Euros will help us one day. But we are definitely coming back.

  8. We really love our country, but the government keeps on breaking it apart every single day. Webwant him out but everyone in power or we give power is just a criminal

  9. Glad u back Dale. Born here. Bred here. I travel a lot to many countries but after 10 days i get homesick and want to come back home. African employees. In supermarkets etc, render excellent service to clients. Never saw this elsewhere. Petrol attendants too so humble and so happy to serve u. So polite.

  10. I'm currently based in Mauritius and trust me, even with the looting that shocked us all a few weeks back, there is no place like home SOUTH AFRICA. I miss the friendliness, the spontaneity of my people, the laughter and the food. I miss EVERYTHING about home!

  11. Hello Dale, I just happened upon this video by chance. I too, would like to join those who have already welcomed you back to our beautiful Country. I was not born here, I grew up in another Country in Africa. And South Africa has been my home since 1981. And I agree with you, to remain positive is key. Our current President inherited an absolute nightmare of a disaster in his Government, post Zuma. And we all know he is currently dealing with the unenviable task with his ongoing investigations within his divided Government which still consists of some pro Zuma members. There is no quick fix. It is going to take time to rectify. And I do believe that our current President is a lot more on top of things than he is able to state publicly. The heart of South Africa and her people beats strong as one and remains full of love, hope and positivity. I wish you and your Family all the very best in all your projects on your farm. 💝

  12. We will be happy to have you. Farmers are exactly what SA needs more than anything else. Happy relocation journey and best wishes for your new home and career in my homeland 🎈 My wish for my country 🇿🇦 is that government must step up and help all farmers financially, and bring back all the farmers that were chased out of the country, and protect them by all means. They are very important in everyone's lives and best economic to the country. Farmers should not be suffering things like water, electricity and mobile usages in the farm because this is for the country. More food factories can be reopened and operated again and people can be hired again.
    This important gesture needs government to prioritize and step up and help /protect farmers from miserable criminals by all means, because this is what all people need, FOOD and JOBS. Please talk to government and God bless you and protect your family. Wishing you good luck and results. 🌾🌈😇🙏

  13. I live in Kenya and SA. 70 30. Plan to increase the SA ration to 50 50 when I can. My family and I love both countries with their problems. There is no perfect place in the world. SA is special. People are wonderful. Live where you love, love where you live.

  14. We will have a revolution sometime but so be it. We have to get our country cleaned up sooner than later. There is no government, no laws, at least not for the law-abiding people like us. Voting (politics) is a no-go, sorry. We will have to get down and dirty this time.

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