September 21, 2021

46 thoughts on “We sold EVERYTHING and moved to South Africa in 2019

  1. Phew!! Good luck! in my humble opinion, you have made a huge mistake. South Africa is going down the tubes at a rate of knots. But I wish you and your family all of the best. You seem to have the right attitude and temperament, so I hope you will succeed in you endeavors.

  2. I'm Kenyan, and of the many countries I've visited, I love SA. Despite their issues, I've met some of the best people in my life. A place I regularly visit

  3. We did the same went to OZ was perfect but never happy. Came home. Even with political and economic instability l have not regretted heading home. Just went through riots in Durban. Yet still happy inside being home. Been back 8 years.

  4. Our problem is not jus t crime and no service delivery – it is an absolute corrupt state. Sell what you have now and leave. Why on earth do you want to expose your children to all this diabolical shit and mental torture?

  5. I always believe that black south African love their country unconditionally;no matter what; we will definitely die for our country,people will go out go in;they will still find black south African fighting for this country;we don't run away from our problems; our spirits never dies…..white and black south African should come together and fight inequality in this country…..welcome my guy

  6. I'm Jamaican and I like what you do for your family Lotz of European sell there house and car and move to Jamaica too and start business and they live good there is a lot of development going on now in Jamaica we have a 2030 plan in the future you should come do business in Jamaica too the more the better

  7. I live in Pretoria, but im from the deep rural areas of Limpopo, not a township but a rural area with natural mountains, rivers, bush and so on, i never values it when i grew up, being a registered nurse, there is a point where i thought of moving to the UK, but looking at these videos about moving to the UK it made me apreciate SA more and i would love to go back to my village and live there some day, its extremely peacefull, green and natural, i guess when u grow older small things actually matters. Wellcome back dude, hopefully all your plans go well.

  8. Although you're South African, im still glad that you came here. It makes me happy to see people from other countries move to South Africa. Especially people who are bringing in skills and are going to contribute positively to this country.

  9. Mate can you please give me some advice i live in copenhagen denmark and i want to move to cape town but here come the tricky part i work as a construction helper here nothing special but i make really good money
    Now i know i cant work that down there and i am not interested in making some big money
    I would just like to work something that can suport me at least for the rent
    What are the chances fot me to find some job maybe on a farm or some security or something like that
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  10. I love this man and I love your story and I ll love more if we may be together in building this nation and get clear understanding that policies are not against white or plan to make them poor no but about bringing equality and live a better life for all, equal benefiting but it unfortunately people you may mix with are the same people who misinterpret the whole idea.

    How I wish you start mixing yourself with black people and hear for yourself the idea and I m glad also to get the reality about UK even through lot of former UK colleagues here in SA used to tell me the same about life in UK and I would be shocked and see and heard lot of white leaving UK and open business here though they fall in wrong hands with people who refuse change and eventual them become an enemy of change.

    My brother your humbling spirit by the look of your videos you need to understand non of black fight or hate white here in SA. though most white here do especial those who are refusing change. And I understand change would never come in gold packages sometimes to unprison black peoples mind who have been under colonized system for to long time, even more under so called democratic gov through white media, we would appear as if we against white yet we unprisoned minds. Cause people has been suffered a lot but with people I assume are having your spririt we can achieve that and change the mind of white especial afrikaaners who remain the real enemy of change and make things difficult for everyone to build new equal society's in our beloved SA.

    The only time in SA you may fill victim actual not it when you refuse change then you may find yourself in a wrong side of the road but if we work together having one comon struggle of sorting the evil past we will live in peace here in our beautiful land. And please understand the editorial media controlled by wmc which is not you is in dividing people and maintainingwhite supremacy that make white refuse more change cause they benefit a lot fron media than black people and that what me and you need to change to remain true South African.

    Welcome home brother let work to unified this unequal society which have a very good story to tell the world till we reach a level of judging ourselves through blood color not color skin we would have achieved what American and UK would have to learn from us how to treat other people humanly not like what is happening right now. "UBUNTU

  11. I couldn’t do farming though I admire those who do. I would not retire in the UK. No offense to the nation but since Thatcher it seems like they took some of the worst impulses of the United States regarding income inequality and now have made the lives of their people, the average person that is, and made it way tougher than it should be. Whereas with SA, even though the nation has its particular challenges, people seem to be working on improving. No country is perfect but if I were a South African I’d at least keep a place there.

    Thinking about doing it any way.

    Which province are you in?

  12. I'm a Nigerian living in France but I tell people and all the White pushing negative stories against SA, you could never get the quality of life you have in SA anywhere else in the world.
    The large roads, the large house and terraces, never anywhere

  13. DUDE go to a place like new zealand not south africa the place is going to shit.
    Feel bad for your wife and kids/kid because they will have to face the racism against whites that is institutionalized in South africa but its your right to do anything you want even if its stupid.
    good luck man i hope it goes well for you

  14. I love South Africa too , currently living in the U.K.. life here is boring and stressful. If you are not working you are in school. I am Zimbabwean I just dnt know the process of how to get permanent residency given that am Zimbabwean originally but with UK citizenship ❤️

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