September 25, 2021

21 thoughts on “We Went Looking At Land In Brikama The Gambia

  1. I'm in gambia looking for land as well. If you guys find anything cheap lmk! Seems as if prices have inflated due to so many black Americans coming in. They talking to me as if I'm white lol sheeesh

  2. Flooding was my concern due to the flatness off the layout off the land. I did not see a drainage system. Around most off the compounds. Being from the carribbean and own property’s here and abroad /. There are certain layouts off land you look at. /. Eg. swamp lands back filled. Ect. It’s is beautiful lands. So. You hv to know what steps to take when the land is purchase

  3. Also, how accessible are these lots during rainy season? Curious if they will service the roads accesses after plotting lots. . I’d love the trees too; cashew, Ava ado and other fruit trees

  4. Hello…..are these properties in C4 close to the BAG Family? I remember seeing you guys on one of their videos. Also is there a lake or body of water nearby? Just curious……

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