September 18, 2021

12 thoughts on “We Went To See A House Under Construction πŸš§πŸ—οΈ

  1. Message to the developers and builders: Tree lined streets would greatly improve on the overall esthetics of the area, offer shade during those hot summer days and add value to the properties.

  2. My critics is there should be space for trees like coconuts or oranges or flowers etc, etc.etc. A human being was made to live in nature and not in a completely concrete environment.

    Trees are plants are good to human beings for healthy reasons because the human body needs it's nutrition from the environment to live healthier.

    Because of such a lack of knowledge, people would be putting their future in danger living in an environment without trees.

    I advice the owner not to concrete the whole surrounding of the premises because a buyer can makes the surrounding green with few small trees which is good to release oxygen and living matters for the human body.

    Developers in the Gambia should even have trees in the house and in the streets.

    Just cutting down the trees is stupid and is the most stupidest action. If this keep going on. People will be crying in the future when it will be too late.

    Buyers should demand trees so that we can stop this madness.

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