September 25, 2021

21 thoughts on “We Went To Tanji Fish Market In The Gambia

  1. The concept of being poor needs to be re-languaged. You can't have so many fish and labeled "poor". This is not the first time I am seeing fish in the Gambia. The image that comes to mind was when Jesus told the fishermen to cast their net…and the rest is fish history in a miracle. (Hope it is okay to call Jesus name on your channel. Notice a lot of Black people cussing Him these days.)

    You are right my dear…lived near the shores and the women would collect the fish from the fishermen and I never seen so many fish being hauled from the waters. What a whole heap of fish our foreparents left behind for their children. Yet, people from SEAsia carting the fish away. Meanwhile, some of us kotch up pon wan likke piece a island that the slave master put our foreparents and don't have enough fish fi nyam.. Why? When there is enough fish in the land our our foreparents. Arise, and go get your share or fish!

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