September 18, 2021

30 thoughts on “We Went To The Craft Market In The Gambia

  1. 4:00 When I tell you my mouth dropped open… I'd buy this immediately if I had a place to put it. Can't wait till I move to The Gambia! Excellent video, thank you for posting!!! I hope you visit them again soon

  2. Yow family a'c u deh'yah
    Welcome to madda a reach arn'yah 2week b4 u and ave 1 week 2go Jamaican UK bound and wouldah love to hailup the i cause we deh'deh wid u all d'way til'u reach yah'so >>>so which part u deh.

  3. Hi Afrikan pickiney, I love watch your videos ever since you were in England, your content are interesting, love you guys from Gambian currently living in Germany,

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