May 27, 2022

36 thoughts on “Welcome to 2022 the Start of the African Year of Real Independence

  1. n Chad company xx took more gentle approach at its weakest and most vulnerable moments of Chad it offered economic freedom and development in exchange for oil at first it seemed like fair trade but company xx snuck into the contract right underneath nose no matter law or the government’s opinion no one could change agreement not the future governments of chad how many third world countries have signed this contracts??? Look at Mobutu he used today company xx still operates in chad bleeding them dry and living them in poverty so a lot poor

  2. Keep it up, give us the real news from Africa. Also push for or own African satellite for our media. Also education Taylor made to improve Africa on the cutting edge.

  3. Happy 2022 our Brother 💚💛❤ It is okay. We all was very emlsional. No daught you people to grow fast with many followers Who love your comitment to bring all of us in one commen interest. We aprisiate for your seport in our deficult time we are in.

  4. A great 2022 to all. Keep focus and keep perspective. The wicked never sleep and they come to you as wolves in sheep clothing. Watch against new industries/culturing that the west and others may be propagating. keep your standards by your values history and culture. You have 1.4 billion pairs of eyes on the ground. Help them to intelligently see what you see and have awareness of the "threats" and willingness to do something about them. If you think the Berlin conference did you harm back then, they not any less wicked. watch and pray and do something about it every day. The peoples are the key. The nature of the bad intentioned foreigner has not changed toward Africa so be vigilant. Remember also that we are in the Caribbean are here partly because some of our own people betrayed us. H.E. President Paul Kagame said worse than the enemy is the traitor. Don't fall asleep again. Many of us in the Caribbean support you but you've got to get up for yourselves. QUICKLY. Never give up. Faith without works is dead. Pray to G-D but swim to sure.

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