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Helloooo! Bonjourrrr! Hollaaa! Welcome to Sebenology, this time, it’s Maitre Ficarre on the hot seat!!!

Fifi was born on 3rd of june in 1963 in the region of Kasai and like most musicians, he started music in Church as a
Singer and then later as a Guitarist. When him and his family moved to Kinshasa, he started playing in street groups, then in the early 80’s, he joined Lipua Lipua, Litonge Bouge and so on and at the same time, he continued to study.

When enrolling in university, he studies at LSC school where he’s classmates with Noel Ngiama Werrason. He keeps playing in various groups and starting to do session work with artists. In 1987, he is called by Werrason to make up for absence of a soloist in a makeshift lineup of him on solo guitar.

With the return of Alain Makaba, there isn’t any room for him to stay in the group at that moment. Thanks to his friend Werra, he’ll still be rehearsing their songs and in 1991 when Makaba goes to Europe again, he is accepted as the group second soloist and will benefit from makaba’s absence to earn himself a name and will be taken on Europe tour and also play in Kalayi Boeing which is a classic.

Then on, he will be switching from mi solo to solo with Alain makaba and shine on songs like “Danico” and “Masampu”. In 1996, he will get allowed a song “Djodjo Ngonda” in the album “Pentagone” and which gets a great reception. In the meantime, he will start rehearsing in private with his friend Werrason with the project of private Werrason tours outside Wenge Musica as… the leader of the groups all start to have personal ambitions. Partly because of that, he will play a very minor role when JB Mpiana releases “Feux de l’amour” (1997).

Though, he’ll, surprisingly remain on JB’s side when the group split as he is not only is a bit upset about Werra’s money issues, but also like the other “minor members”, he knows there is tensions but he is hopeful of the fact the group remains together. He attends rehearsals after reunions thinking Werrason and co will come but he then realizes he is already part of a newly born group and with a ready visa for Europe, so he ends up remaining with Wenge BCBG and like in Feux de l’amour, he’ll barely play as there are Makaba and Mboka Liya who play most of the songs.

Thanks to Makaba and Mboka Liya leaving, he plays a lot more in JB’s TH as he not only plays his parts but also has to interpret parts of Mboka Liyaw has gone to the Maison Mere.

He then goes to play majority of songs of album “Internet”. He gets his first song in Wenge BCBG which is titled “Espoir de Chicago” and later, “Decision” on album “Anti Terro. During that album when Alain Mpela leaves, he is in contention with Tutu Caludji and Seguin Mignon to become the new chef of orchestre but his shy nature goes against him.

Yet, he doesn’t gain that role but still has a lot of influence and when on next album, he is meant to get his song as usual. He tells JB, he wont release this time as he prefers young guys.

He misses out on BCBG’s return to Europe after ban as he is serving his own as he decided to stay in Europe to save his relationship of then which the woman forces him to remain or she leaves him. In 2010, he makes his return in Europe after his ban is over and will get another song “Homme d’Affaires but unfortunately for him, there is no space on “Soyons Serieux” CD, so his song is released only on Internet. He is given authorization to release a solo album and starts programming and even announces in one of his rare appearances on TV that his dream is to reunite Wenge Musica members on some songs but quickly, he is caught by lack of funds and decides to put album on hold and adds a song on Balle de Match yet to be released ( Courtesy of Grand Pere Archos. Plesir!


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