September 25, 2021

12 thoughts on “We’re Moving to Africa! | Finding a Place in Ghana! House vs Apartment

  1. Try getting fix broadband internet, Ghana is just listed as the fastest on fix broadband in Africa just two weeks ago with 53.28 mbps, followed by South Africa, with and Then Egypt. But when it comes to mobile internet, South Africa is the fastest on the continent. You can get very affordable nice house, since it is outside of Accra. Accra is over rated and over charged. And worse of all DIRTY. That is what really bothers me when I am back home in Ghana, I just want to leave Accra. It is a disgrace as our capital with so much sanitation problem.

  2. Since you guys have decided to relocate to elimina, you will find a nice place nearby which is good and the rent is affordable, wish you the best and hope to see you when I come back to Ghana

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