September 22, 2021

2 thoughts on “We're Moving to Africa! | Peace Corps

  1. This was the worse attempt at a peace corp channel ever, they announced being excepted to peace corp then fell off the radar, then all of a sudden months later a unenthusiastic after training video, when we never even knew they departed in the first place , then a covid leaving video which we could have done without and was meaningless, because they never did any in country videos . Sometimes people want you to think there life is amazing and the peace corp is just another spectacular event in there lives but i think these two were unhappy and didnt have the energy to fake it and covid was a relief and gave them a graceful way to step down .

  2. Felicidades y mucha suerte a las dos, las vamos a extrañar pero sabemos que van a contribuir a una buena causa, y a aprender así como enseñar muchas cosas. Dios las cuide y les permita regresar con bien. 😃

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