January 28, 2023

22 thoughts on “Western Aid is Killing Africa Truthful Words from African Music Great Angelique Kidjo

  1. she could not have said it better. At first it was believe that African Leaders were the ones diverting aids to their personal use, but western NGOs have increasingly taken over the implementation of western aids yet the effect is at a minimal level.
    For how long has the west spoken about Africa from poverty, yet Africa keeps getting poorer?
    How honest are they in their drive to reduce poverty in Africa?
    Note: I am not totally putting the problems of Africa squarely at the feet of the west, but its worth to note that foreign aid has had a very little impact on the growth of Africa in terms of getting out of poverty.

  2. I love this lady, the problem is that she addressing a wrong audience that probably don't even care what she is talking about.

    Its high time we stopped embarrassing ourselves and thinking that Westerners will ever help us or save us with their white Jesus.

    We've got to start doing our own thing more or less secretly like China did and before anybody knows it we will be ahead of all of them. Please stop partnering with colonisers in developing yourselves because they just won't let you develop unless they want to kill their economies which they obviously won't do.

  3. She doesn’t care about the color of anyone but the ones sitting with her do care about her color, they’re happy to hear black peoples say this. But these are the same people who makes life difficult for us wherever we go. And they’re doing it to make sure people of her color never rise to their full potential.

  4. What this Lady says about color,is so spot on ,i was absolutely brought up to see no difference in color ,just good and bad people of any race ,or color , and hopefully to know the difference ,,
    Plus the size of dept to the world bank is most of the Africa,s income , but last time i saw stats it was producing 25 times what it would eat ,if everyone there ate a meal a day ,,but they owe more that per day ,,yet those great companies and industry's have gotten their wealth from african soil .are now putting the country in dept ,,
    Its been said before but ,pahaps that dept should be cancelled? Pahaps a United Africa could achieve that?🙏♾🌄🌍♥️

  5. White people are happy helping their own people stay on top while other races of color struggle… That's the difference between how she feels and how the rich white folks think… 😏

  6. I love what this woman has to say, her point of view. It is a simple and clear principle to live by. “Every time I can empower somebody to take the lead on his own life….That’s all I need.” I’ve shared this opinion for many years, and that—while a helping hand or basic teaching of knowledge may be beneficial to those who welcome it—most African nations would be better off if they were left to their own devices, to determine what thriving and living really means to each nation. That’s a respect they deserve. If another nation or corporation wants to collect resources, they should take it up with African leaders. Why can some only see profit, business opportunities..? We are all connected. The soul is important.

  7. Angelique Kidjo is absolutely right.It is said that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day but if you teach him how to fish he eats for a long time. The aide organizations that constantly give to African government on excuse them of their responsibility to rule with good governance and instead of making sure that the people are taken care of they sit back and let the aide groups look after the people.

  8. The Masonic predator class are right now in very advanced stages in their machinations of the great culling and total enslavement of what will remain of humanity. The engineered shortages of everything complete with staged warfare (Ukraine/Russia) and a complicit media disseminating untruthful and fake war stories to justify the engineered crisis, are meant to facilitate their agenda of starving us into submitting to their NWO/Great Reset tyranny. We're in a quandary brethren and our governments and or leaders have all been co-opted or hijacked into the scheme.
    If we're to help even a few of our children survive these henious, satanic level atrocities, we must first and foremost acknowledge that we're under attack and then start waking up each other to the fact. Then God our creator will kindle in us the fire we need to overcome.

  9. Her energy is good however She should be talking to African Leaders like this. We can spend hours and hours talking but SOME AFRICAN LEADERS ARE WAY TOO CORRUPT. Some presents are Millionaires to Billionaires and living luxurious life with their families.

    To me this is rather pointless until all presidents are called, because as we speak they not watching this interview. Don’t even care for that matter.

  10. Stop yelling because the African-Americans with fighting for these things for ages. Did you think that the African-American cries was fake. No matter what you say or do. If you the truth hurts and I know that. It is not a sell but the truth among ourselves is where they want us
    because this is the way they take control of the African continent the African people need to wake up the African government need to wake up the African leaders need to wake up this is no joke they're laughing at you and you don't know it

  11. They're not going to tell the African people anything they want to take over Africa there's a cynical movement coming in from the Western from all over the world and it's pumped by greed and control of power they want the African people at the mercy all the diseases and all all the disease on man-made it's a form of genocide. The African people need to do their own science and create their own weapons to defend themselves bringing new technology get the youth involved with their creative mind select the best minds in Africa they can do it their government should be invested in mechanical engineering create your own who knows you might have a better concept of things a better product don't look toward others to do this for you because it will be a copycat version no thief is going to give you the real thing the more you lean on their help you put yourself at risk of them taking that for what you have the African must realize how valuable Africa really is the Western and the rest of the world are running out of their resources and Africa is that promised Land for its native people it is the promised Land and the African needs to wake up and stop giving away their land start trusting these westerners and foreigners that come into the country to as there savior what the question is why are not all the African leader getting together to better their country and protect watches is theirs you have so many Africans that got their degrees from other country utilize them mix things happen in your own country pay them well for their creativity test your products create quality perfect your craft. Stop looking for these people help. Do your own research when making of a product tested over and over again until you get it right nothing's going to be perfect in the beginning but it can be perfected the thing is to never give up every product and every good that the Western real life has come with trials and error nothing is perfect from the beginning do not gravitate to walk to Western way because no we know that the Western ways leads to destruction with climate change if you look around you and see what's happening in the rest of the world he realized that maybe Africa is better far better off than the rest of the world don't let them deceive you that you have less when you have more the world wants Africa for itself and don't forget that stop complaining about what you can't get from the Western world when the Western world see you as a jewel of the world they are laughing at the African people because they are rich beyond measure Richard didn't know any country up on this planet but yet they don't know it

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