August 10, 2022

21 thoughts on “Western Media Brainwashing Africans to Care More About Ukraine’s War than African Conflicts

  1. I am an Indian who lived in Africa for seven years.Africa needs to unite as one like African Union . They should put a stop to Western Intervention and the bloody Chinese. They should improve their economy.less imports more exports.Try to make products indegeniously. Then the military power will increase.India will help you.I love Africa. ❤️

  2. simple Africa just ignore it.. these ukranazis if they had the chance to look at you, they would abuse the hell out of you all and not think twice about doing you harm… Africa as a whole could put then to sleep in a blink of an eye.. Unite Africa use your skin colour as something to bring use together…. eu states do it so can you

  3. Listen, they're Europeans, don't expect them to have solidarity for African countries or conflicts even though there has been killings going on in many parts of Africa. Yes the African should have their own international media to report things from their point of view. The western media is controlling too much of the lives of people especially on the African Continent. So long as Africans keep going to great lengths and even dying trying to get to Europe to seek a so called better life, then they will find themselves at the end of the queue especially now when Ukrainians are the preferred choice for many European countries.
    It should be a new breed of PROUD Africans who are more focused on Africa instead of Europe or USA or UK or Australia

  4. I'm from Canada and I was shocked to see a Jewish Comedian who has a Natzi military arm asking African countries for financial help.. Am I the only one who sees this as ludecris and Beyond comprehension ???

  5. Africans should stop playing their victim mentality and strengthen themselves for their own, where in the world would you expect the Europeans put you Africans before their own. It's an eye opener,let the Africans do the needful if at all they will learn from the challenges.

  6. I feel like I’m forever getting mad at my people. Why do most Africans believe in the west like they’re the creators. …. It’s soo so sad how much control bbc & cnn have over Africans

  7. The reason why they are shoving Ukraine down your throats is because the Bidens, Clinton and Obama all have been using Ukraine as their money laundering, weapons trafficking, child trafficking and bioweapons research country.

    They want the support of the people so they can send troops in to recover, cover up and destroy all the evidence. There is a very specific reason why they are trying so hard.

  8. We need to mine our own business and build up our continent just as China built up its economy etc. on the quiet back in the day. I need truthful updates about what's happening to us. New subbie👏🏿

  9. Y'all already know that Yt will block you when you try to get the truth out they do it to us all the time all praises to the most High Yah. Good luck with getting this media started.

  10. Hate speaking out the side of my neck but africa needs to cut off the diaspora not in support of Africa and all of the west.
    Only good thing bout seeing ukraine news is you've found one good ally to use right now(Russia).

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