May 25, 2022

28 thoughts on “Western Media is Flooding Africa with Propaganda Strangling Our Media Industry

  1. You want an answer I'll give you an answer. It's called "do the work", if you don't do the work of investing, building better schools, building better roads, building better housing building better culture that you as a people (meaning one people united) then you will be influenced by people who has done the work. And if you are unwilling to do the work as a people then what little you have will be taken from you.

  2. The worst in the UK are the adverts for charities which are extraordinarily racist. It is always the Africans that are crying and in need. They are nasty rascist adverts.

  3. We also need women in America. All of our women are being taken by white men!! We need an organization that is honest so that black men can have African women. There is a site that white men own on Facebook and black women are lining up for it. I feel that I have not found a black women in TEN YEARS!!! African American women are money hungry and power hungry and THEY DON'T WANT US! We need women!! I have an idea for that too.

  4. Yes! Start doing it yourselves.
    Publish your own books. Hallelujah African continent. About time.
    Peace love and light.
    The ancestors are clapping and smiling broad smiles from ear to ear. 👏👍❤️😀
    Viva La Africa, long live Africa, blessings to all Ouwarre
    Love, Love, One Love Ouwarre.

  5. DIVEST FROM THE WEST! rothrockefellerbildibergbush and their corporate fascist cronies are OUR ENEMIES! STOP treating them as allies AFRICAN LEADERSHIP!

  6. This channel has grown some, however there is still more to do. Please don't solely rely on YouTube. Most new Black Media has been taking their platform to streaming service or apps to have options other than YouTube due to the company's censorship rules and regulations. One channel i listen to its to the point they speak in code or slang or outright tell you they won't say it 'but you know what I mean'.
    Big ups I remember a few years ago this channel was mostly so and so warns West. Keep fresh content coming and hopefully one day I'll be able to access 2nacheki Streaming.

  7. Hilarious.. I couldn't stop laughing… While the brother is telling us about the whitewashed media in africa. The "tube" is interrupting with ads about penis pills, and pretty white women in tiny shorts…. 😆

  8. 95 % of military coup implemented by french government in Africa succeed because of news manipulation and conditioning. The void of true francophone media is occupied by French government media . It is time for change.

  9. True I have been saying places Ike Kenya will have to create movies ,soaps focusing on positive things Abu Kenya so the kids don't keep thinking foreign is better

  10. Western should mind their own business.Africa is major distributor or supplier of raw materials in the global economy sorry I meant their global economy.If stopped giving our wealth it make it hard for the suckers,it would make living standards hard for them.

  11. Thank you for this video. You are absolutely correct. I am designing games and videos for African children to play and learn from. What stories do you want me to create? Respond in the comments below mine. Thank you

  12. Its so sad when someone else tells your story and you are the spectator 💔. It only takes when Africa says No and show them the door.

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