September 22, 2021

35 thoughts on “Western reactions to Benin bronzes | Civilisations – BBC Two

  1. This is a demonstration of human capabilities which manifest in many and different forms. African history is human history. Indian, Chinese, European, Maya, Incas, etc is all human history

  2. Have a look at "History Debunked"! The truth is there! Nigerians were selling slaves for Bronze! If they were still in Nigeria now, they would probably be destroyed!

  3. I like the Benin Bronzes. I've seen them a few times and are worth a visit. A lot more needs to be explained about them and their origins. I understand they all come from a royal palace in Benin atrociously destroyed by the British in response to some earlier atrocity. Those British clearly saw some value in the Bronzes but surely they can't be the only things of value in a royal palace? What else was there? What evidence is there of the palaces existence? This should surely be a site for archaeological investigation? We are told some of the bronzes date to the 13th century. The palace was destroyed in 1897. Is there development of artistic style over those six hundred years? A single royal palace is hardly likely to be the sole repository of artwork from a six hundred year old civilisation. Were is the rest of it?

  4. It has always distracted me that people from a cloudy fog enveloped place such as England would have temerity to call a land like anywhere in the vastness of Africa "the Dark Continent"!! Africa is almost oppressed with sunlight!
    Obviously I'm aware that the insulting term was metaphoric and may have been referring to the many unknown aspects of the African geography or even the supposed ignorance of it's people but even these interpretations reflect more on the darkness of the English understanding in regards to Africa as opposed to the reality of Africa and Africans.

  5. Except that this is very misleading. The bronzes tested don't show they were made in Africa. They were used to purchase slaves by the Portuguese. Africans in Benin were at the least complicit in the slave trade.

  6. It was a bad experience to the kingdom of Benin in1897 the evil invasion of the kingdom because of palm oil resources today a strong powerful kingdom was join together with corrupt establishment criminal organization fulanis military power lslamic government of Γ±igeria may God almighty containue to bless Edo kingdom amen

  7. In a poor and underdeveloped country, ancient art serves the ego of politicians, businessmen and military idiots.
    Why don't those countries ask for or build libraries with ancient art books for young people and children?
    I am Honduran and the victimhood and the feeling of guilt is the worst garbage because it does more damage.
    If a country wants its "treasures" it should first cut illiteracy in half, build twice as many museums and Libraries …
    Nationalisms suck …

  8. How typical of the BBC to use a British-hating academic to try to pile on the self-loathing. We fought these savages and won! To the victor go the spoils eh? This happened over a hundred years ago and we’re still giving them aid??? The art is safer and more appreciated where it is.

  9. Give them back thier Idols if they want them back so bad… people seem to forget that most of those treasures were given to England…. some things were stolen but not everything…. people also forget that they had two black Queens,

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