September 21, 2021

31 thoughts on “We've Got Good News! :)

  1. African Pickiney you can sing very good and if you do some conscious music , and promote yourself you can make it . You must play it every day on your blog . Just make lots of music .

  2. My father was a farmer !
    He got a good wife.
    Never tired , along the tough life.
    He still bow down and give thanks to the good wife.

    My brother and sister keep this song
    for me till we meet in the Gambia at your studio.

    You have a good wife
    Give thanks to the Most High.

    Keep the spirit and don't look down.

    Am a Gambian in Austria.
    Welcome to the Gambia.

  3. Why do you go the next man country and create a Jamaican community. Then that will create division among the Africans and the Jamaican community . Africans have to much divisions among themselves and then all you will
    come and create more divisions and most likely the Jamaicans will start looking down at the local African people
    and feel they are better as do to the Haitian people in New York. This will be a next Liberia in the making. So if you are
    going or coming to Africa your main aim should be to integrate , simulate into the African culture and learn an African language and never isolated .

  4. Why are you guys paying so much for a ticket? Why don't you book from the airlines diret instead of a travel agency that takes a commission? I have not booked my ticket yet until Gambia opens its boarders. From what I have heard Senegal is currently only open to its own citizens trying to get home.

  5. Its so unfair that you have to buy a return ticket to go a your yard. I am so ready to bla xit to my homeland, i am just finishing up my contract with my job and save a little more money. You guys are an amazing couple. Yes video

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