September 22, 2023

It is increasingly evident that leaving the European Union – the world’s richest single market – was a monumental act of self-harm for the UK. countries should take heed and cooperate to ensure the success of the Continental Free Trade Area AfCFTA, argues Lord Peter Hain.
A long-standing commercial is that it’s optimal to trade with those closest to you. It’s common sense really – the costs of moving goods are lower, synergies are better, the economies of scale kick in and so on. , for example, is a great deal on the benefits that the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement will bring to and prosperity.
Yet by lurching into , the UK’s Conservative government has defied all that by turning the country away from the biggest, richest single market in the world; one with whom we have had fully half our trade for decades.
And it’s turned out to be what many of us predicted at the time of the…

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