September 25, 2021

26 thoughts on “what Africans think about african diaspora moving to the African continent

  1. I want to Return home and bring my own family, and other Diaspora from America having skills and talents to apply to building Africa as a powerful CONTINENTAL NATION. HENRY BAKER FROM Georgia in USA.

  2. The Europeans including the churches which was used as a tool of distruction, Integration no,righteous people cannot integrate with devils because they will want to impose their lifestyle and habits and must not accept

  3. Thank you for the messaging you are providing. Your channel is beneficial to us all. Many of us love our family on the African continent. We are one!!!

  4. Africa is still economically colonised and the Europeans insisted that education was taught from a European viewpoint and in the colonisers' language so they can spy on the puppets they sponsored to rule us.Trust me when I tell you that slavelry was not part of the cirrucilum, so the consequence of slavery is just being learned because of mobile phones and the internet. We the people of Africa have a lot to learn from each other about our ecperiences from the same oppresser. Do not allow them to divide us through Chinese whispers. Africans did fight to stop them enslaving our people.Please try and read our history. From Sierra Leone read about Baibureh from the Temne tribe.

  5. Hello from Nashville Tennessee! Were planning a trip to Africa next year to start our journey to our past. Weve been researching our history to hit the brick wall because of diaspora. Lately theres been so much unnerving drama from watching repatriates that seems like the discourse would interfere in our journey but your channel has given me renewed hope theres no anaimosity as a whole and will continue to search our truth! Thank you for showing us a perspective of welcone and home!

  6. I was born in america so am an American… Hahahhaa funny as heck.. check the bible and see what bloodline means and is.. a Chinese born in Ghana will never call him self a ghanaian because he can never be a Ghanaian by blood. People need to stop being ingorant and know your history..

  7. Dealing with black people in general is the worse ever. when I say black people i mean any human who has a black skin.. colonization has confused messed up all black people in the body talks about the Volta region.. if you guys know how beautiful and awesome that region is..

  8. It would be a great thing if you would take your interview to the streets of the village, and ask this quesrion. It would be nice to hear their piont of views. Thanks so much.

  9. I am so flabbergasted by the last speakers on Chinese loans; the US owes a lot of money to the Chinese and nobody in the diaspora, particularly in the US says anything. For years the World Bank and the IMF have given loans to Africa with exorbitant interest rates that have left the continent poorer than before. Where were you to speak out about this?

  10. For the issue of land ownership, you need to look at each African country and its land tenure laws. The laws differ from one country to another, so you need to do your homework first by checking on what it entails for a returnee to own land in that country. I find Africa to be so highly diverse and different both culturally and politically, so you should not be making any generalizations about the continent.

  11. END SARS many of my fellow black Americans #ados are like me and what I said before

    I got you but after being called akata aka wild dog and seeing millions of Nigerians mock slavery to black Americans when we was doing out march for black lives in US … this God getting they ass

    But for innocent ones I will pray with you END SARs

    At then end of the day being black is like Cuzinโ€™s who you canโ€™t stand might even hate but you canโ€™t let anybody fuck with them โœŠ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ……END SARS โœŠ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฌ…. #endsars #endsarsbrutality #end

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  12. I want Diasporas to move countries where their DNA proof. To help those countries to develop, I don't the Idea of most Diasporas moving to East Africa, while the rest are of their root countries is left undevelope

  13. African is the birthplace of civilization, science, mathematics, cosmology, spirituality, arts, literature, the first calendar, astronomy, etc. African people are the first people; we are at least 2.5 million years; we populated the world. If we could populate the world, we traveled all over Africa before they divided Africa. We are one. We have built many great civilizations. The power is with us. Africans came to America with an array of skills to build America, and they did. There are many great scientist, inventors, artist, doctors, lawers, thinkers, etc. that have help to build America in spite of insurmountable cruelty, but we have still done great things here. We could because it is in our D. N. A.
    Together we can do great things because it is us. Genius is us. Love is us. The have tried to erase our African mind. We must reclaim our African mind. In addition, we have great scholars like Dr. Diop, Dr. John Henrik Clark, Dr. Chancellor Williams, Dr. Ben Jochannan, Professor George G. M. James the list goes on and on. Dr. Patricia Bath invented cataract surgery. Please research Black scientist and inventors. We are beautiful. Melanin conducts electricity. Let us love each other and never let anyone or anything get in the way – ever. We have so much to learn one from the other.

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