September 21, 2023
What are the Basic Principles of Black Consciousness?

What are the Basic ? Whether you’re on the continent of Afraka or in the diaspora these 6 basic are essential principles to uphold. Always honor and respect your ancestry and the ancestors, value your genetic characteristics, increase your awareness by gaining knowledge, choose Spirituality over religion, support Black financial , and always promote true . This is the only way that we as a people will rise above colonial influence and the indoctrinating effects of popular. Finally; always listen to your conscience. It will give you the mental strength and Self-discipline you need to persevere through the ethically corrupt reality we exist in.


4 thoughts on “What are the Basic Principles of Black Consciousness?

  1. I work in an arab muslim environment & they preach everyday about how Islamic religion is the only way to live righteously & everything else is garbage… sad i say quietly in my mind…..

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