October 18, 2021

15 thoughts on “What are the biggest challenges to immigrate? – Moving from South Africa to New Zealand

  1. Joe Scott from LovingLife has also been receiving criticism from South Africans who say that SA is the greatest country in the world and stop rubbishing SA. Those who still wish to live in SA are the elderly and the poor who can't afford to leave. The very wealthy Whites do not want to leave SA as that would mean lowering their standard of living. No maids or garden boys etc.I believe that those who rubbish you for pointing out FACTS are in denial in SA. Keep up your good work !!

  2. Agreed great stats and facts just one HUGE problem. One cannot compare Africa with Europe because in Africa governments just DO NOT KNOW how a country operates. They just do not know and that is why SA is in the situation she is. run by incompetent people. Years prior to 1994 and even with all the international embargoes against her due to her political policies, she was 100% better off than presently the case and the reason why is pretty obvious. Everything ran smoothly even Escom and the NZ'lander who was the main organizer of the protests against the Springboks in 1982 tour of NZ went back in 1999 came back and said "This is not what we protested for" when the saw the poverty, hunger, inequalities caused by who? All the people mainly whites leaving SA is also not helping the country to get better not that I promote them the stay. We all have a choice. Also, do not forget 57 million vs 4.5 million is a huge difference. Auckland is rated as the 3rd most expensive city in the world. To buy a house for a normal guy is just about impossible unless you have money lots of money and renting is very expensive as well. The weather like you rightly said say no more and that is one of the main reasons why so many people leave NZ for Australia as an example. The future for the young ones is a no go they all leaving for Europe in huge numbers especially the UK. Why? Jobs, better money and this is the reason why NZ is known for its aging population. Salaries are generally poor. One thing that I really like about NZ is the day when the All Blacks are defeated in a test, the government announces a public holiday for mourning. Just joking but its close. For real South Africans it's very hard and myself after 26 years in NZ, I still find it hard. My heart is not really in NZ but then again I'm a baby boomer. I do miss South Africa very much. Just my humble thoughts.

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