January 28, 2023

44 thoughts on “What Can $100 Get in Cape Town, South Africa?

  1. Omg wow! Bo Kaab has one of the oldest buildings in Cape Town. That’s an interesting fact. The buildings are pretty! Definitely going there whenever I’m in SA. And oh, nice sweatshirt. Pretty colours, love it! $100 well spent! Food, drinks, hiking, the beach, self-care, exploring etc. definitely well-spent!

  2. Haha my mom used to have a restaurant where the Royal oyster bar is now haha… miss CPT so much sometimes. Thanks for giving me these memories man, from a cape tonian living outside of my beautiful city. The signal hill shot made me tear up with all the fun memories of being a teenager and going there with my friends at night. SA for sure, love these vids Tayo thanks so much for reminding me how beautiful my home is.

  3. South africa is nice according to many in comments. What is the next most developed or closest to SA in terms of overall development. I am from canada but africa has always been an enigma. Like.. I never know what is truth or how wide spread the good vs the bad actually is. The continent of africa is beyond belief in size.

  4. 🙌ten for doing the challenge 🖐 for the actual amount spent
    If yous put the challenge you didn't have to pass it cause now 2nd day you drive a scooter and drink a beer 😐🤨 bruv say 240$-400$ traveling is so hard already, we ain't trying broke in other counties too

  5. “Only $100” is about 1,850 Rand. So sad what the SA government has done to run this economy into the ground. Most ppl don’t even make this monthly. Between that and load shedding everyday it’s really a shame. To act like this is not a lot of money to anyone (non white) in this country is misleading. There are starving people that would harm you bad just for $20. $100 could feed an entire family for 3 months here

  6. As a South African myself you showcased my home SO BEAUTIFULLY thank you so much and we'll done on the production it was amazing you just made me fall in love with my city even more 🇿🇦

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