What Consciousness is according to Modern Science (2019)

Cero means “Zero” in Spanish.

Business was my gateway drug to philosophy and understanding humans.
In these short podcasts, let’s talk black holes, computing, physics, business and philosophy, and let’s try to keep it short.



At the end of the day, everything from product to marketing to sales is fundamentally about psychology.
I spend a lot of time reading research papers and running experiments in the neurosciences lab and on people.
On Instagram, I’ve noticed how putting out any advanced content on this type of research gets me lower engagement – so I’m going to reserve that platform to put up motivational quotes and updates, and use this playlist to put out content for people to really win at this game of life.


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  1. I believe One good interaction with a psychedelic like LSD, Psilocybin mushroom, ayahuasca(DMT) will change your whole beliefs about consciousness. Bdw I agree with your beliefs about reality it seems like its some kind simulation


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