September 17, 2023
WHAT IF GOD IS THE DEVIL? #GeneralSeti #SaraSutenSeti

29 thoughts on “WHAT IF GOD IS THE DEVIL? #GeneralSeti #SaraSutenSeti

  1. Another thing christians gotta realize is that they are worshipping something that the Bible itself say not too which is a cross. A cross is a thing not a person so therefore its idol of worship.

  2. God of long suffering and now they want to get rid of the bible because to many blacks learned the truth. Neanderthal Removing the bible to practice satanism . The bible is brain washing to worship the neanderthals.

  3. The father is the devil because he is egotistical which doesn't evolve true love but for himself so a brutally murdered son is nothing to him as it doesn't involve his own skin.

  4. I was in Marshalls listening to one of your videos today cracking up! People were looking at me like I was crazy. You're so funny but you speak facts. You said something like if Jesus wanted to borrow money from you and you asked when he would pay you back and he said he doesn't know the day or hour he will be back you would say hell naw mf. How the hell god don't know when he's coming back? I was 💀☠💀☠. And you were talking about how Jesus didn't wanna die for them. I was dead! Your cursing and logic makes me laugh so much. 😂😂😂

  5. Yes their God is the negative energy called devil, tne Freemason Luciferian Bible tells you that Jesus and Satan are the same but ppl following these pulpit pimps apparently NOT learning a dam thing from the book , they got so called black ppl worshipping negative energy indirectly that's why the world is the way it is they worshipping and keeping alive the serpent gods

  6. Nails to the cross is suffering in this life. They kill the God in us in this life. Symbolism. Cross is the 4 elements of life thru the light of the sun

  7. Be different if the tithes were going to improve neighborhoods, tax credits, set up business and trade schools, help out ppl, send some to blk universities etc

  8. 2 preachers walking down a church hallway 1 of them fell n hit his head on a table, blood everywhere and he screaming for help, the 1 standing said don't panic I'm pray for you and he said fool call the doctor I don't wanna die…

  9. Matthew 8: "Another of the disciples said to Him, 'Lord, permit me first to go and bury my father. ' But Jesus said to him, 'Follow Me, and allow the dead to bury their own dead. Ya heard? Holla back at me.

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