December 1, 2021

18 thoughts on “What I’m packing for Tanzania | Carry on only

  1. Hey Fam. I'm about to leave for the airport RIGHT now. Before I go just wanted to say Thanks again to "Brand Up" and Rashida for donating money to my paypal it is much appreciated and that money was used to help me get some last minute things yesterday!! (: If anyone else wishes to donate to my solo repatriation journey my venmo and paypal info are in the description box. Stay Blessed and more updates very soo! 😀

  2. 🇯🇲🥰Greeting…same height sista!!! 😂..Love and respect! I’m very happy for you! Taking my flight to the Gambia soon! I’m sure you had a safe trip! Oh also I love that brand I use them! I also use a black own brand called jewl here in Atlanta. Again so happy for you!! You are HOME!!!🇹🇿

  3. Reach safely! Please do video of the process (landing and red tape for COVID) after u land safely. Also curious what started your awakening if u could do video, just found your channel.

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