September 21, 2023
What Is Cointelpro?

21 thoughts on “What Is Cointelpro?

  1. the United Nations step in on with the us when any other country do this to ppl bombing the countries with allies y they didn't and don't to it to the us now Russia go to the United Nations on them how the government oppressing blacks wake up america

  2. Not only does Hankey farms auto of Pittsburgh pa, have confederate flag stickers in their garage…Adam, John, Don and Roy all participated in what is known as gangstalking or organized harrassment. Cointelpro tactics are NOT just reserved for great people like MLK or Mr Malcolm X. Not sure who called this garage asking them to participate in my demise, wish I did but they're a bunch of perp degenerates.

  3. Anything to keep black folk down because they know that once we come up that is there end. This country would go bankrupt without Black Folk in it. They know that but it's coming to an end now this 2019 and their days are limited all the atrocities you will pay , you will pay.

  4. 4:10 we can all take off and work on this. make pen pals overseas, political friends and people with power or on the inside. and one day we can all link them with this info and they CAN all pressure the USA. until then, the USA won't do shit they think they run the world, kill anyone to get their gold and rebuild their entire country for capitalism sakes.

    But if every country knew the truth and had the info Eldridge is talking about , they would put pressure because all countries know the USA is crooked. the United Nations should be in cahrge of this.

  5. En Ferrol Galicia se.esta aplicando esto.
    Es una población de.65.000personas , 6 campamentos de venta de drogas al por mayor , sectas religiosas opus dei y la mayor base militar de.España.
    Pero también con un alto índice de suicidios, desaparecidos y acosos de diversa índole, diagnósticos siquiátricos de esquizofrenia elevados .Ahora sé que lo que vivo es real y tiene nombre . A mí la policía no me cogió la denuncia.
    a darle repercusión y mucho ruido sobre lo que pasa en 2020 .
    Un saludo

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