September 20, 2021

7 thoughts on “What Is Repatriation?

  1. Relocating to Africa should be the same as investing in a new home. Don't bring the same problems in the US to Africa expecting a better outcome.

  2. Hello Renae. I hope all is well. Repatriation won't solve anything, nor will relocating to Africa. Every country has its problem. Tanzania have there issues as well just like the United States. What is the purpose of repatriation when we weren't around during that time? Slavery happened 3-4 generations ago. Our problem in the USA is those who are racist against people of color and people of color who continued causing problems. Yes, there are problems with police (criminal justice system) and the black community, but that's not the on problem. Our biggest problem in the black community is us. There are more black on black senseless violence then police on blacks. Our young brother and sister fall victim to the streets, they out there stealing, robbery, breaking into cars, rapping, killing, etc. There's no excuse for this type of behavior. We cannot blame the whites for ones behavior. But once in the criminal justice system, even for something so minor, the system is design to keep you in there like a slave. That's where change is need along with how police are trained. We have to address this together and it must start from us, raising our kids to the best, making sure they receive proper education. We must support one another and not be quick to disowned and bring one another down. We need more people of color working in law enforcement. The process to be an officer in the US is designed to deter people like me from joining the force because they implement strict measures and they keep their tough process. Going to Africa will not solve anything. Africa is no better and those who blacks here who cause problems here will cause problems there.

  3. YES you CAN purchase land and plenty of it for residential, farming and investing if you so choose in Ghana. Ghana was the only country to publicly atone for slavery thus far then began the Return to Africa.

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