What is the Devil?

According to religious ideology, the Devil is the epitome of evil. He is a rogue angel that turned his back against god, because god wouldn’t share the one last secret to creating life. He dwells invisibly among humans and manipulates humans into doing evil deeds so that we cannot achieve immortality as god desires. God knows the Devil’s every move but does not intervene because it is a great way to purge the faithful from the weak. It all sounds wonderful and a very effective way to regulate the daily lives of unconscious people but to awakened minds, it all sounds like nonsense.
We are Black conscious people who use Dohgon Spirituality to decipher reality and Dohgon Spirituality is based on Zero-point logic. Which means that physical reality had to have started from an abstract source. A void, nothingness, blackness, Zero. If that does not make sense then think about this. What is a thought? Is it physical? Can you see, hear, taste, smell, and touch it? A thought is abstract yet you know it exists because you are experiencing it.
The next logical question therefore is, doesn’t a thought have to be generated by a physical brain? The answer is no. In the human Brain, thoughts occur as a result of electricity jumping from one nerve ending to another. This electrical activity generates the electro-magnetic-nucleic energy field we call our Minds. We believe that a similar process is the universe itself. In other words, the universe is a Mind; black, powerful, and charged with energy we are only beginning to understand. 320ro.com


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