September 20, 2021

34 thoughts on “What's is the cost of living in New Zealand? – Moving from South Africa to New Zealand

  1. Don’t encourage too many folk from the Republic to emigrate. Loll.When you are established in NZ and know your way around you will find bargains in real estate and opportunities to buy white goods,furniture ,that are offered with 50 percent discount and even zero interest rates.Live frugally,grow your own vegetables,entertain at home,network.And they say Australia is the lucky country!Remember that in the last world recession New Zealand residents were hardly effected.And I never more than $20 NZ for a decent haircut!

  2. Sorry if this is too personal. Jammer as die te persoonlik is.
    But what job did you get and how much rent are you paying monthly? And how many bedrooms do you have in your house?
    Please keep doing what you are doing 👍I am a proud subscriber!

  3. Auckland is definitely the most expensive city to live in . Provincial towns and cities are the places to look for work. Cost of living in the Provinces is much less than Auckland.

  4. If you like to eat quality ox steak and beef without breaking the bank, locate a butcher to slaughter and vacuum pack a side of beef ,in all the cuts scotch filet ,mince, Viener Schnitzel .Slam all this protein into a reliable freezer and live like a king.Freezers last for years and if you generate some electricity on the roof and use a night shut off on your freezer chest you will be on a winner.Best of Luck.

  5. Thanks for the video. We are doing research into relocating to New Zealand and I just wanted to find out if you made use of one of the immigration specialists available in SA, or did you do the move by yourself?

  6. NZ has hardly an economy so how can it grow?? I mean NZ is the Saudi of milk…but I have never seen NZ cheese anywhere…they make a bit of butter though…good luck…stay there, and stop talking kak about ZA, praat baie onkundig…

  7. Food and drinks real cheap in Philippines…most parties you will offer a whole roasted pig…and plenty booze…will cost maybe 100 USD , good party for 20 people…haircut here is 30 cents US, beer in bar 1 USD, bottle 12 year old brandy 5 USD,

  8. Here in Philippines jungle, we pay 20 USD dollar for good internet unlimited per month…school is free here, university is free, medical insurance is 20 usd per year for Filipinos for foreigners 350USD per year…to see a dr is free…meds are very cheap too specially of course generics..

  9. Thanks Jo, these videos are so informative.  I look forward to your weekly uploads and it motivates me to continue striving towards my arrival in NZ!  If possible, could you maybe make a video like the shopping one that you did but in more detail – 'classify' them, i.e. 1. grocery shopping, 2, furnishing the home, 3. electronics etc…….  even if you only record the products & prices in the store.  THANKS! appreciate the effort you put into keeping us informed and helping to make our transition easier 🙂

  10. Hi Jo, once again thanks for the informative info you provide. I saw in one of the videos you mentioned you make use of a VPN for live streaming DSTV. If you want, could you please advise on what VPN you use and how one sets it up? Can't wait to receive my Visa for my initial visit. Looking at flying out on Friday this week (if my Visa comes). BTW is anyone also struggling with the time it takes to get a visitors visa? Friends of mine say they got theirs in a few days. Just my luck I am on day 10 already.

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