September 22, 2023


  1. Peace & love brotha but whatever recreational activities you do aint none of my business…but….it shows bruh 🤷🏿✊🏿💪🏿🙏🏿

  2. Great lecture Brother!,I want to know why are our people still being locked up for so called illegal crimes but illegal immigrants has come here to Amerikuss ,and they put them up like kin folks without owning Amerikuss nothing?,We are the ones to show Our people Righteousness !,it our purpose to show Our people Greatness!,everything comes after!

  3. Seti..You are literally responsible for my African conscious.. I've been listening to you for over a decade so I would never disrespect you General but I gotta be honest..Far as the war between black men and women.. Brother they took the first shot..They started the gender war between us..I have videos of black men in the 60's and 70's talking to sisters say we're fighting a multiple front war and sisters saying they're not gonna stop siding with our enemies as long as they give her benefits..The black men was saying we're fighting our black women and the white man.. This has been happening since slavery but brothers have the means to express themselves now but it's been simmering in the black man's heart..Seti they sold us out for feminism and welfare and a higher position..And they have trashed our image for the past 55 years.. This is a brutal truth black man have to accept and confront.. Your a strategist so you know it's not possible for us to fight our open enemy outside then come home and fight our covert enemy..All generals know to avoid a multi front war..The first war we have to win is the war inside us then the war with our women..Then we can fight our open enemy..I can't lie to myself Seti but most of our women are our enemies 🙏🏾 Much respect to you General💯💪🏾

  4. 💯 ✊🏾Tithing was originally used to invest 10% of harvested stock like grains for the winter months to help hunger and famine. This process was normally managed by the church but now it’s evolved into us giving money to tax exempt organizations for no reason

  5. 💯 ✊🏾 Appreciate you much brother!many people say God created man in his image, but no one questions if maybe it was man who created God in his own image instead

  6. went you bend the knee to worship the Caucasoid God,-concept you are actually worshipping him, that why the only thing he allowed black people to keep after chattel slavery ended was his names and especially his religions, black people can't "free their bodies until they first free their minds" the 1st stage is to give them back all their religions that include Christianity Judaism and Islam

  7. This is some real very serious 😳 shyt Seti just make the pill a little easier to swallow by bringing some humor but he spitting factz and it's no joke your talking about a book that takes the most spiritual peoples spirituality. How the least spiritual people ṭell the most divine connected people to source how to live in harmony & have intimacy with the creator/creation

  8. I'm 62, and I feel seti big time. Maybe somebody in this chat knows him more than me, but , I believe this brother is about his shit and don't shoe shine!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems he got away from that debating shit, which can be childish as hell depending on the individuals, but it seems like he said the hell with that cartoon shit I'll spit the truth solo. When I listen to him I feel like I'm listening to a brother who is genuinely about black culture, black people, and no sambo shit in him👊🏽💪🏽

  9. Teach General!! How can you have a copyright to the word of God!! The original word originated out of Africa, and has been revised and revised and revised!!!! They are running out of revising!!!! Ha ha ha

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