August 12, 2022


  1. Your UNDER THAT GODS SPELL "Gospel" You sound brainwashed. That praying ain't gone do shit. You sound so far GONE in your head. Keep being a slave to that delusional nonsense you spewing. This is why black people are looked at as WEAK. You've been Europeanized. You are lost in ignorance. SMH

  2. Brother you need to understand that you know very little about the struggle of black people. Slavery ended 200 years ago? you quote that verse as a mean s to justify the many many bible verses which promote slavery and oppression? I agree it is your own decision to believe in what ever you choose to believe but please do not justify it with extremely inaccurate information, that is called ignorance. Please read up more on black history, Afrikan history, apartheid, the current situation of our people not just in your area but globally, as a black African I truly believe that getting better grips of who you are, where your from and what lies ahead for us as a nation is essential. I hope this is not offensive, I have nothing against you or your religion I just hope that you will take this positively and gain self awareness.

    Best of wishes.

  3. I say yes, because it's a belief system, you have read and study your history, religion controls the people.Now you can knock someone for believeing what you believe, the situation is IS THIS TRUE or LIES which one, we so called black folks where mis-educated from the very beginning, and it started with slavery. You need to do some research on Christianity you and other's don't KNOW THE TRUE STORY. Hey Pat this shit is real deep, blacks been pimp and played for over 400 years, it time for us to WAKE UP, belief is for children you need move to the next degree.HOSEA 4:6 MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE, that's  is happening now as I speak. Study some more and the facts, the truth is out there don't be ignorant fool, those in the conscious community can't back up what they sayand then more facts for you real shit,  no fake stuff, but I still LOVE you and I know where you coming from Pat, we live in a world of white supremacy, you think this European is going to give you somthing so you can rule him, hell no CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM, JUDAISM are fake, people are geting religious DOGMA it keeps the masses control what even lifting a finger, now that's some bad shit, and using your magic(science ) to control you one of them is masonry.

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