December 1, 2021

21 thoughts on “Where is part 2? | Living in Africa | Moving to Rwanda

  1. Why does everyone feel the need to have music in the videos? It INTERFERES WITH WHAT YOU ARE SAYING! Itโ€™s distracting, and I really want to hear what you have to say. Come on. We donโ€™t need music with EVERYTHING!

  2. a Rwandan neighbour I had as a child had those 2 white-ish bangles. it's funny I don't remember much else about her but I remember she always wore those bangles and I liked the sound they made when they hit each other as she moved her arms

  3. The mess is what makes the page beautiful and unique!!Drop the labels,stay authentic and the universe will bring in the right people…lol!
    Great content!!keep it up

  4. guess what…… most of us girls are like that….. especially the magical sparkly interesting ones…… keep being you authentic self and you will continue to amass followers. your "tribe" is out here .you are enough!!


  5. Hi Angela, I have always been like" When am I going to see a Rwandan YouTuber that I will enjoy watching every single vlog they make?" You're the kind of guy I have been waiting for! I have really loved your videos…I loved that most of them are filmed in Kigali! Keep uploading more vlogs, please!

  6. You were so hyper here!lol Yeah just let your channel grow organically I think that's what a lot of people do. Could you make a video talking about the big differences in like rents and expenses between Rwanda and London?

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