June 5, 2023

16 thoughts on “WHERE IS THE TRUE HOME OF THE WOOLY HEAD BLACK RACE? #GeneralSeti SaraSutenSeti

  1. Great job General. I do not understand why these people do not understand this. They may have to travel thru Africa from Cape to Cairo and see the effects of the Tropics and melanin distribution. Teach them general. I like when you said it's 'criminal'.

  2. I haven't sent a comment in a while. This is a some good geological teaching that the communities need. Thanks for your consistency on receipts, and facts 👍

  3. The fact that we first colonized the Earth, I believe we found the Neanderthals south pole and brought them as a experiment 🥼 to Africa and let them migrate north of Earth. Especially after finding out they can't stand the Sun , I believe the most Africans could do was to figure out what it is the Neanderthals could do. Africans may made contracts as tit for tat or you rub my back and I scratch yours. When this happens being loyal the Neanderthals needed what Africa had including the people who could help make it happen which is Africas low level intelligent scientists. This may cause us to be of such intelligence after Slavery. So on an so forth. I'm sure Seti is getting down to the nitty gritty, but this is what my assumption came out to be after continually listening.

  4. They are the first settlers, so they are "indigenous".

    indi = dark like ink; BLACK

    genous; of birth/lineage

    indigenous; 'first blacks born(here)'
    All Africans are "Negroids"(race). But all Negroids are NOT "AFRICANS"(ethnic/lineages)!

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