September 17, 2023
Which One Is The Best For You

Of the big four religions, Buddhism, , Islam and , which is the Best for You? If Any. which one has the most negative impact on melanin dominant humans? On the other hand, has Traditional served Africans in and diaspora well? If not why not? Can Ancient Mysteries Birthed by Kushitic-Khmtic Spiritual Practices Be the Best… for Us? these are tough self introspective questions that deserve an answer. Find The Answer in this video…Enjoy…Share, Comment and Subscribe.
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30 thoughts on “Which One Is The Best For You

  1. For me it’s Ubuntu .. I aim to live in unison with nature and the universe . Loving all that is natural to this planet .
    One huge melanin dominant love 🖤

    Thank you for another very informative video essay . Tatenda 🖤

  2. The traditionalist belief systems are the way to go but the original Arabs were black though and many of the so called Arab dynasties were ruled by black people, the classification Arab itself isn't a racial or ethnical but one that denotes culture.

  3. "Of the big four religions, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, which is the Best for You?" <<—None of the above. One who worships is one who is of low mental capacity and isn't in sync with his SELF (CELL-F/CELLS) or inner magnetic core (spirit).

  4. I don't utter the sound hoax, 'God'. I know what this sound causes in space and time and its effect on my cells. When one is Black/African/Negro/Bantu and grows up speaking a foreigner's language as a first tongue, it disrupts his/her sound compliance. Sound (wave frequencies) cause action.

  5. The Buddhist actually have a name for enlightened people who CHOOSE to come back to earth and help people.. IMO one HAS to understand why it's important to recognize the cycle for what it is and make it possible for oneself to release the karma and leave the cycle

  6. Do you think at one time that dark humans, were the enslavers of the other humans white, Asian and Indians and maybe inter mixed with them and that's how they became brown skin ? Were we the darker skin people were the conquers at one time terrorizing the lighter skin people. And maybe that's why they dislike us. Just a thought

  7. Oh Arjuna never disturb a man in his faith always strengthen him in his faith for this is the DIVINE ATTITUDE,
    Oh Arjuna even if they worship Gods other than me ancestral spirits the elements it all comes to me
    Just as the lakes rivers stream all eventually comes into the ocean
    Sri Bhagwan Krishna

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