September 29, 2023
White Lives Matter Rally

Coverage from the scheduled ‘White Lives Matter’ rally and counter-protest in Huntington Beach, CA on April 11, 2021


33 thoughts on “White Lives Matter Rally

  1. Not a fan of Trump fanatics who clearly went down too far down the rabbit hole but Antifa in this video was unacceptable, they should be ashamed of targeting an old man who was doing nothing other than holding up some flags.

  2. All singing all Dancing crap of the world 🌎 you can just smell the hate between all factions ….just keep doing what the government wants you to do turn on each other . The human race should just get extinct already .

  3. The first side of people your interviews just had funny and weird take but the second group was such a killjoy, people you'd never want to invite to a cook out.

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