September 20, 2023
White man holds Black Lives Matter sign in America's most racist town

A white man held up a Black Lives Matter sign in Harrison, Arkansas, also known as America’s most racist town, and filmed the …


44 thoughts on “White man holds Black Lives Matter sign in America's most racist town

  1. "This thing is the biggest hoax there was"

    I mean, he's literally not wrong 😂 BLM doesn't care about black people, they didn't give a single penny to blacks in the hood with the 3 million dollars they receieved.

  2. But when someone says „white lives matter“ he is racist?😂 this channel is anti white. Clearly. It literally targets white people for wanting to preserve their culture without hurting anyone. I’m gonna report this channel and spread to a site where dozens of people will report it too. Bring it on. White haters🤮🤮🤮

  3. I am a hispanic woman and live like 30 minutes away from this town my whole life and I have never been talked to or treated hatefully by one of those folks. Even noticed 2 years ago there is sign like that there. This does come as shock by some comments but other comments were more on their dislike about the organization than the race. I heard that guy was trying to stir things up for show tho

  4. It’s really sad to see satan owned this town straight up from it was founded to this date. Generations of racist. Bible calls those wicked from the womb. Soon they will all be branded with 666 and join their forefathers in hell. I hope they enjoy eternity in hell. 😂

  5. The reason people don't like the BLM movement is because they care nothing about blck lives. They're simply a domestic terrorist group,we saw this in the 2019 riots in which "peaceful protestors" turned violent and destroyed billions in property!

  6. These are so dumb. I hate modern society and this generations idea of entertainment and unwarranted need to flex or make it appear as if their truly changing things… 😂

  7. In African ports, European traders exchanged metals, cloth, beads, guns, and ammunition for captive Africans brought to the coast from the African interior, primarily by African traders. Many captives died just during the long overland journeys from the interior to the coast.

  8. Racism = Going to a tiny white town in the middle of white country and hold up a sign of a Marxist Terrorist group to provoke a reaction from poor white blue collar people who have been vilified and neglected by the very Government and System that is supposedly White Supremacist and then being called slurs and told to go back to California

    Wow the racism is so rampant… hahahahaha

  9. Anti White Racism is fine as long as you do it in a White Language, protected by White Laws, White Police, White Soldiers, paid for by White Taxes etc. etc.

    The irony of BLM supporters is they couldnt exist in a non-white country.
    This shows that Tollerance of the Intolerant i.e. BLM, Antifa and Marxists was a mistake.

  10. I thought all lives matter not just black I’m not saying I’m against Black Lives Matter but all lives matter to me. I love and would love to make friends with every race in the world. Our world needs to come back together and respect each other the way we wanna get treated, then again that’s just me being me.

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