September 22, 2023
WHO ARE THE REAL JEWS?! PT.2  #GeneralSeti #SaraSutenSeti #BlackJews

10 thoughts on “WHO ARE THE REAL JEWS?! PT.2 #GeneralSeti #SaraSutenSeti #BlackJews

  1. Great/Great/Great.., That's.., How you do it..,You don't/Play.., I love the way you teach and the way you talked.., That's what they did to write themselves into/History..,And..,By doing this.., They tried to write out Wooly/Melanites.., And.., The indigenous/Black people of what's called India Today.., Ànd/Australian Aborigines..,All been on this earth for millions of years.., They just arrived/Yesterday/6000/Thousands years ago.., Keep on doing what you're doing..,I like your style.., The way you Teach.., May the ancestors always be with you..,Hotep..,Gwaan with you/Baad Self.., King.., Respect to the/Max..,

  2. One mistake is this is not English. Sam/Sham is not the same as Kham/Ham. The s/sh is not the same as h/kh. Adham is Arabic, not Hebrew and different time periods. But I do agree these were peoples of color. Mount Ararat is in Turkey, not Armenia.

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