September 19, 2023


  1. I know you been for years so in tune with your own movement and don't be knowing all these clown bloggers be posting online. But alot of bloggers report false news and make false claims on something for views then other people will make a video responding to the fake news, just for a day or two or a week later it comes out that its fake news. I'm not speaking to what you speaking on with this video. I just wanted to drop that jewel. Like everybody saying Quavo was arguing with Jay Prince Jr but nobody got video footage of it. Im sure somebody there would of recorded that asap if they was arguing. If we don't see real videos of something or real paperwork on something. We not following you weak ass bloogers up. Period. Stay focus Seti. Had to drop this jewel on ya. You my hero and sometimes even heros have to be protected. ✊🏿

  2. I can't even recommend his content because of the excessive "Know what sayin" he say this 150 times in EVERY VIDEO.🤦🏿‍♂️good content but dawg PLZ stop saying it. It makes it hard to get other intelligent brothas and sistas to listen to you🤷🏿‍♂️

  3. Seti You are on point today. It's a damn shame that the rap music industry has gone to the lowest level that it has ever been this gangsta rap stuff ain't what hip was created for. You are right The OG's of rap, especially KRS who so eloquently gives the true historical account of rap and hip hop would intervene and say hey let's come together and unify we gotta stop killing our people whether guns or dope or disunity in our communities there are no others and we know who can utilize the platform to share knowledge and start sharing info to help our people come out of this demon den of psychological slavery. It is a freaking war we are in and the anti has been upped. I wonder when the freak will black people in our nation in the US begin to see the puppeteering that goes on in the industry and put a stop to this bull. Seti, I love you man you say all the things that I wanna say. It's time for black people to stop lap-dogging. And you are right these MF's who perpetuate this type of stuff need to be taken care of they need to be held accountable for killing the God TakeOff and thats real talk.

  4. These artists have taken an oath all the ones you’ve named!…..all the artists on the “ self destruction “ single, have all taken the oath !…. So it was just a song!…..Sara you have beautiful heart , but you don’t see they have sold their souls

  5. They have done free concerts in Nyc , but that was a tax write off only!…..there were movements that stepped to the rap groups that were famous and asked them to be part of the movement, but these same rappers said no!….because they that would stop them from making money!

  6. You know a few years ago you made a comment that we need a cleansing in our community and I said to myself this n** done lost his mind this n*** is Hitler but the more I've been thinking about it for the last year I think you're right. I really think that's our only chance to advance first some of these n*** have to go in order for us to grow. I don't know

  7. That's right Seti! JPrince, Senior got to have a sit down with that man momma. He got to sit with her like two parents in the Black community and get up off this.. "we gangstas shit."

  8. The elite trying to show us how they do it and how they want it done. It will get worse as the community waits for blood and negas signing hlood contracts.

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